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I Wish I Was…

A real boy’s question for you: which is cooler? Pump action or lever action?

Funnily enough, it’s the same film you go to to find the answer: Terminator 2. Case for the pump action – Sarah Connor facing off against the T – 1000, loading and firing with one hand – very cool. case for the lever action – Arnie riding a Harley and flip-cock and firing a Winchester 1887 with one hand – sub zero. No contest.

Winchester 1887

I need your clothes, your boots and your games console...

The gun may have been tricked out to do that, but lever action really rocks… I can’t really believe I’m going on about this, but now, joy of joys, you can get your hands on a Nintendo shotgun – the Wii-nchester , a peripheral designed specifically for the forthcoming cowboy shooter Western Heroes.

In a setting inspired by the great Spaghetti Westerns of the 20th century, Western Heroes tells the story of four seasoned compadres on a mission to foil the devious plans of the sinister Molina, who threatens to turn the rugged prairies into an industrial wasteland. Up to four players at a time will blast their way through classic ‘Wild West’ scenarios including a steam train, a cattle ranch, an old mine and many more. Completing story mode chapters will unlock additional challenges and survival mode levels for extended play to test players’ accuracy and reactions.

The accompanying rifle peripheral is unique to the game, having never been available in the UK before. Its innovative design houses the Wii Remote in the barrel and the Nunchuck in the stock to provide an added level of immersion to budding cowboys and cowgirls. The gun’s lever action beneath the trigger will reload in-game, to replicate the repeater action of ‘the rifle that won the West’.

So saddle up, pardner, and get to feudin’ – yee-hah!

Edited On 09 Nov, 2010

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