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Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited Review

Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited (Vita)

The Disgaea series has long been a mainstay on the PlayStation consoles through its many iterations but it is with this newest Vita version that it feels truly at home.

In Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited, a port of 2011’s Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten on the PlayStation 3, we once again return to the bowels of Hades with a powerless vampire called Valvatorez who eats sardines to keep his blood lust in check thanks to a promise made a long time ago. Even though perceived as weak without his vampyric powers he still manages to hold a resemblance of respect from his co-workers in the Netherworld, assisting in the creation of Prinnies, who are the dammed souls from Earth that now resemble rather stupid and explosive penguins. All is not well at work though as with the surface being full of sin the Netherworld is starting to get a little full so on the orders of the government all Prinnies are to be executed. Valvatorez, feeling strongly against these new instructions thanks to yet another promise made to the Prinnies decides to go against the governments wishes and then travel across the Netherworld to stop them. 

With so many titles behind them the developers, Nippon Ichi Software have managed to create one of the better Disgaea games of the series, they know exactly what they and the fans are expecting form the game and manage never to disappoint the player. Being already a good game on the PlayStation 3, this updated Vita version is perfectly suited for the smaller isometric view the game uses. Disgaea is an RPG of many parts, the main being the actual battles that take place to progress the story, with you commanding your ever growing roster of characters, moving them around the game map and utilising the many moves available from special attacks, fusing characters together to create weapons to even picking up characters and creating towers of destruction. In between each mission you are able to wander around your main hub world where you are able to visit other residents of the Netherworld and trade wares like armour and weapons plus participate in the many side events (though these are almost games in themselves) the game has to offer like levelling up your weaponry in the Item World in where you battle though a series of dungeons set inside each weapon, creating new characters to join your quest plus you can dispatch your minions in the Cam-Pain HQ mode, positioning characters that are faithful to your cause who can then boost their powers during battle and even help you pass bills in the assembly that allows you to alter the way the game plays like cheaper or more expensive items in shops and altering the health o enemies. 

Aside from the crazy characters and the enjoyable main story the Disgaea series is also well known for its content and this version of Disgaea 4 is no different, the game full to the brim with all of the DLC that has been previously released plus additional scenarios not previously released so even if you have played the initial release there is loads more on offer here in what is essentially the ultimate edition of Disgaea 4. 

Even with all of this content on the game what really stands is just how good the game looks, with beautifully created characters inhabiting Hades with the smaller Vita screen perfectly suited to the game with even the hundreds of menu screens still being very easy to navigate. 

Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited is yet another great title in this long running series of games, with it looking and playing its best on the Vita. 

All of the DLC from the PS3 version plus loads of extras. 
Hours upon hours of gameplay. 

There is a lot to take in over the first hour of play.

(Words by Ash)

Edited On 28 Aug, 2014

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Baiken_'s avatar
Baiken_ 2 years ago
My copy will hopefully be arriving today, i never played the original so i can't wait.

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