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Surgeon Simulator: A&E Anniversary Edition Review

James doesn't like blood. Really doesn't like blood. So that's why we made him review Surgeon Simulator: A&E Anniversary Edition on the Playstation 4!

I DON’T LIKE BLOOD. If you asked any of my family members, they’d tell you straight away about my fear of blood, guts, and anything of the sort. I can’t sit through television programs such as Holby City or Casualty, knowing full well that they’re fake, without feeling queasy or faint from the sight of the unfolding emergencies; and don’t even get me started on those ‘Real A&E’ programs that my parents seem to like watching so much. I once fainted in my kitchen just from seeing blood dribbling out of my thumb after I had sliced it on a ring-pull tin of beans; I’ll openly admit that I’m a wuss.

What does this have to do with the recent port of the PC hit Surgeon Simulator 2013 to the PS4? Well, my feelings towards the blood and guts are the polar opposite when sitting down with Surgeon Simulator A+E (Anniversary Edition). To put it simply; I can’t get enough of the stuff! I’m like a blood-starved vampire who’s moonlighting as a surgeon (albeit, a rather terrible one) to get my fix, causing all sorts of hilarious damage and deaths with the odd successful life-saving surgery along the way. Let’s face it though, when playing through Surgeon Simulator you often don’t really care about whether the patient lives or not (I’m normal, honest) as most of the enjoyment comes from the purposefully difficult controls, mixed with the vast array of weapons…..sorry, I mean surgical implements, that are at your disposal to ‘fix’ the patient - If you’ve played one of the previous iterations of Surgeon Simulator on the PC or iPad then you’ll know that I use the term ‘fix’ VERY loosely.

The control scheme is unforgiving as ever, but that’s exactly the way it’s supposed to be. Each movement is mapped to different buttons on the controller, with the player’s arm rotation/wrist controlled by either the right thumbstick or the Dualshock 4’s motion controls. The latter is much more fun and interactive, but it often fails to deliver accurate results that can see your surgeon’s arm suddenly flailing about like it’s dancing at the Rio Carnival. I can see the controls frustrating a lot of players, especially if they’ve never played the game previously. I myself would admit that Surgeon Simulator feels more at home being played with a keyboard and mouse, and that’s coming from someone who prefers consoles over PC. The matter of the fact is though is that the controls don’t actually really detract from the game, purely because of the joke-based game that Surgeon Simulator is designed to be, If anything, the lackadaisical, dodgy controls actually add to the hilarity of the operations.

The Anniversary Edition includes everything from the original PC version and chucked in with it are the new eye and teeth transplants as previously seen in the iPad version, along with new environments, stat tracking and the PS4 exclusive local co-op multiplayer mode. The latter is a very fun addition that can either see you working in perfect harmony to save the patient’s life, or cause as much havoc as not just one, but two raging bulls in a china shop.

Although there’s not a large selection of surgeries to proceed through, the scoring system will keep dragging you back in to try to better your previous scores as you hone your surgeon skills to that of a 30-year veteran of the NHS. Each surgery is scored on time, accuracy and patient blood loss. Want to get that perfect A++ score? Well, then I hope you’ve got a steady hand!

Surgeon Simulator A+E doesn’t offer you graphics that’ll blow you away and push your PS4’s power to the limit. Nor will it keep you entertained for those extended marathon gaming sessions, but it will keep you returning in between those FIFA or Battlefield sessions and provide some light-hearted relief that’ll get you chuckling all the way through. Right now, it’s perfect game to fill the current empty void when you want a quick gaming session until the busy autumn/winter release windows.

Nurse, call for help. I seem to have dropped my wristwatch into the patient’s cranial cavity…….

Words by James Grantham.
@JamesGrantham26 | PSN/Xbox LIVE: Redskins2336

(Version Tested: PS4)


+ Very, very fun.
+ Blood, blood, blood……..blood everywhere!
+ Multiplayer co-op is a welcome addition.


- The controls don’t feel so natural when using a controller

Edited On 28 Aug, 2014

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