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Games with Gold September - Super Time Force, Halo Reach & Monaco

Just a day after Sony announced the list of games coming to Playstation Plus in September, Microsoft have blown their Games with Gold load all over the internet. Sploosh.

And there's only one game coming to Xbox One this month. Capy Games' Super Time Force. Monaco and Halo Reach both hit the Xbox 360 at different times of the month.

Xbox’s Games with Gold for September are focused on teamwork. Whether you’re in the mood for an Ocean’s Eleven-style heist, an epic brothers-in-arms tale, or taking on baddies with past versions of yourself, you won’t be walking alone next month. As usual, all games are only available for a limited time, as part of the ongoing Games with Gold program, so find a buddy (or not), subscribe to Xbox Live Gold, and jump in!

Edited On 28 Aug, 2014

Super time force is pretty fun, shame it is only one this month though. Will download Reach again as well when it is available.
Zombieflamingo 8 months ago
Monaco is highly recommended for anyone who hasn't played it
Loli-Nox-Tan 8 months ago
Wow, only 3 games and not a new release in the bunch. And people complained the PS+ releases for next month stank :/
PrometheusFan 8 months ago
Not so many as PS+ but better choice, as none I really desire on PS+, but will "buy" them all anyway, as can't say no to free games :). Super Time force is on my wishlist, Monaco looks OK, and Halo Reach now means I can sell the retail copy, so all 3 are desirable.
superniceguy 8 months ago
Microsoft sale on Steam this weekend.
superniceguy 8 months ago
"Not so many as PS+ but better choice" - I know you'll do whatever mental gymnastics are necessary to reinforce this narrative, but I couldn't disagree more.
PrometheusFan 8 months ago
What's indisputable is that the 360 selection for this month is far better than the PS3's selection. In terms of new gen however the PS4's selection is better imo. Hate to always bring up metacritic but Super Time Force got 81, where as the PS4 has 2 games, Sportsfriends scored 82 and the original Velocity scored 87 with this one set to be even better. With the awesome TxK and Joe Danger(which is apparently 2 games in one) on Vita added to that and the IGC (again imo) has the better choice
RTLF 8 months ago
This is a stinker of a month for me from gold, I already own STF it is a great game, Halo:Reach is awesome but I own it and couldnt give a monkies about monacco but heard its good. For once I think the PS plus bundle looks pretty good few ile b playing on my vita this month but Playstation Allstars come on : p
inspector 74 8 months ago
mortal kombat
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