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Friday Chat - August 29th

It's Friday! And we've got no login problems today! Hooray! Here's a video of a Watch Dogs (remember that game?) mod for Grand Theft Auto IV. Neat.

Weekend plans? Shoot! 

We'll have a couple more reviews today. Metro Redux and something else that I can't be bothered to check on :D

Edited On 29 Aug, 2014

Catch up on Manga & Novel, as well as play Xillia 2 & DKS2 DLC
Loli-Nox-Tan 3 Weeks ago
Will hopefully play a bit more of Diablo enjoying it but dont think I have all the systems down at the moment just ploughing through it changing weapons and gear when I get new stuff.
Bindiana 3 Weeks ago
This weekend I'll be playing Steamworld Dig and the Walking Dead finale, plus some Tomodachi Life and a bit of MK8. Probably test driving my new hoover too ;)
Gloria 3 Weeks ago
I have absolutely no idea what I'll be doing yet it all depends on how the weather is tomorrow. So it'll either be go to the park if it's nice or go to the Disney shop if it's raining
JoeToots 3 Weeks ago
I'll be watching anime myself & hopefully get some time to finish up some games this weekend.
Akemi no Zero 3 Weeks ago
i will be cracking on with metro redux and hopefully adding some more shinny plats to my collection :)
Dark572Assassin 3 Weeks ago
Nintendo have just revealed a new 3DS redesign.
Stewie 3 Weeks ago
Thankfully not too much of a game changer that I'd need to upgrade.
DynamiteWhyte 3 Weeks ago
I'll have to pass up the Smaah bros 3DS to wait for that one now.
Gloria 3 Weeks ago
Oh wow... seems Nintendo decided not to make the new 3DS an "optional" upgrade this time as there will be 3DS games going forward that literally can't be played on current models of the console, only the new one! First casualty: Xenoblade 3DS. Because of course it would have to be a game I'd actually want to buy.
PrometheusFan 3 Weeks ago
Buy Smash Bros on 3DS and Wii U and get free soundtrack CDs https://www.facebook.com/224173137756374/photos/a.266600980180256.1073741830.224173137756374/321143888059298/?type=1&theater
Gloria 3 Weeks ago
Another 3DS, which will have exclusive games for it? Lol. Well, you can keep that, Nintendo. What bullshit. They're also doing a good job at confusing many consumers. 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, New 3DS, New 3DS XL.
NathanW18 3 Weeks ago
Agreed Nathan. It's reached a ridiculous point now. It'll be interesting to see how they label the game boxes now if nothing else. They have to put "compatible with 2DS" labels on 3DS games right now, so how will these new games that only work on "new" 3DS be labelled? 3DS games with a "not compatible with 3DS" notice on the cover incoming? Ludicrous situation.
PrometheusFan 3 Weeks ago
NES Remix coming to 3DS http://mynintendonews.com/2014/08/29/ultimate-nes-remix-announced-for-nintendo-3ds/
Gloria 3 Weeks ago
Is the Wii U version getting a retail release?
Bindiana 3 Weeks ago
Think so, sure I read they were sticking them both on a disk somewhere.
Gloria 3 Weeks ago
Hyrule Warriors has been patched with extra content and a new game mode for it's launch over here.
Gloria 3 Weeks ago
It's not a patch though. It is free day one DLC
Loli-Nox-Tan 3 Weeks ago
Thought it was all included in the patch that fixes the technical problems discovered on launch in Japan.
Gloria 3 Weeks ago
Just finished grounded mode and grounded mode + on last of us today so gonna try and get as much multiplayer done as possible over the weekend for that plat!
Ashley 3 Weeks ago
Wow Ashley good work, although you don't need to finish Grounded to get the platinum as those are dlc trophies, Survivor & Survivor+ are enough. Amazing achievement though, Grounded is incredibly tough!
RTLF 3 Weeks ago
haha i know but they had their own little trophy section and thought itd be a cool little achievement to myself! i enjoyed it alot actually! I found it testing obviously but after every difficult area i managed to get through i felt proud! ..christ im sad
Ashley 3 Weeks ago
Working on my next game this weekend before entertaining you all with the gaming news once again next week. I've released my first game now on Android. Very exciting :D
Joe Anderson (Editor) 3 Weeks ago
Bayonetta 2 release date October 24th.
Gloria 3 Weeks ago
Whats the game called you made Joe?
Bindiana 3 Weeks ago
Xbox One - Xbox 360 - PS4 - PS3 - PC
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