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Metro Redux Review

With all of the ultimate and master editions filling in the sparse release dates on new generation only a few are really worth your time, Metro: Redux being one of them, an immersive first person shooter that hit the previous generation of consoles and whilst both great games in their own right they had to take a dip in the visual department especially when compared to what the PC version was capable of. 

Starting with metro 2033, Russia has been decimated by nuclear war, the surface riddled with radiation pockets and though human life cannot survive there are vicious mutants that roam the wasteland. Too dangerous to survive on land, the few survivors retreated to the expansive subway tunnels that criss-cross underneath. In relative safety they try and go about their daily business, trading with other areas of the metro whilst taking care to avoid not only the monsters that lurk but also rival pockets of survivors with very different beliefs. In Metro 2033 Redux you play as Artyom, a young survivor native of station VDNKh who learns through a Hunter that his home is under threat by strange creatures that live on the surface called The Dark Ones. Promising to find help the Hunter leaves for another station, Polis but never returns, leaving up to Artyom to travel the dangers route to try and save his home, taking on not only mutants on the surface but other survivors like the ruthless members of the Fourth Reich.

Not to give too much of the plot away but Metro Last Light Redux follows on from the previous game, Artyom now a Ranger, we join him still learning about life underground and battling against the odds to survive this post-apocalyptic nightmare, once again caught up in a race against time involving the Dark Ones and the Fourth Reich. 

Though presented as a first person shooter the pace of both of these games is very different from the usual fare, as rather than just running down numerous corridors shooting anything that moves there is a strong narrative throughout, the game still offering intense shooter moments but also taking time for you to appreciate the world, walking through bustling markets and listening to the many conversations that occur, all adding more depth to the world, some characters recognise you, other just ask for help. Even when the action does get intense there are always options, going in weapons loud is possible if you have the right weapons and more importantly ammo, as bullets are not only for guns but also a form of currency, so as an alternative you have the chance to manipulate and use the shadows to your advantage, sneaking around and turning off lights to get to your goal, only attacking when it is essential. 

The biggest pull here is of course the visual upgrade to bring it more in line with what these games offered on the higher end PC's when originally released and they really do look better, however in Metro 2033 Redux’s case it feels only skin deep as the actual models themselves still feel like they are from an older generation, with movements not as fluid, especially on the faster moving mutants you come across and whilst looking so much better it still is a little off from what the new gen can offer. Metro Last Light Redux however really pushes the game, with better models to play with the graphics really come together here, adding even more depth to the already immersive dark and scary world, with mutants and the Dark Ones looking very scary and the tricks of the light making this a beautiful game to play with the player just pausing every now and then just to take in the scenery.

It is not only the looks that have been changed as the Metro 2033 Redux now takes on the more user-friendly inventory options of its sequel, plus it also now has a decent selection of difficulty settings and HUD adjustments, letting you play in a more shooter focused game or getting submersed into the world of stealth, scrimmaging for ammo and keeping to the shadows in more of a survival game, upping the challenge and appeal of the game considerably. 

With two games included at this great price Metro: Redux is well worth your time and cash as we patiently wait for the floodgates to open for the Christmas release schedule. 

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: PS4)

+ The updates to metro 2033 brings more in line with Last Light. 
+ Great story. 
+ Two great games at a reasonable price. 


- Difference in visuals between the two games is noticeable.

Edited On 29 Aug, 2014

Got this yesterday from shopto and put about 4 hours into Metro 2033 so far i am enjoying but my only problem with the game is that your character just feels heavy/sluggish and the sensitivity on max is super slow like playing cod on a 2 sensitivity slow, apart from that the game so far is fantastic.
Danny_936 8 months ago
Got this yesterday as well enjoying it should have my last light platinum trophy later on nearly 100% it , then on with 2033 and hopefully another plat
Dark572Assassin 8 months ago
Why has the price gone up its cheaper on digital download
michael 8 months ago
Platinum already!?!?! that's some dedication! respect man.
JoeToots 8 months ago
The man is a plat machine! Hat's off to you Assassin :)
RTLF 8 months ago
Certainly gets his money worth out of his games :)
RTLF 8 months ago
Yeah love chasing those trophys!! it helps when its a great game aswell you enjoy it a lot more
Dark572Assassin 8 months ago
The price has gone up further. Initially it was under £30, then this morning £31 something, now its £34.85!!! Amazon are now selling it for £50!!!!!!!!!
Autogamer 8 months ago
I ordered this off Amazon for £25 with free 1st class delivery. Today it is reported as delivered and through my letterbox, but I have not got it, Amazon Logistics must have put it through someone elses letterbox. Every single time something is delivered through Amazon Logistics, there is always a screw up, and for now on I am not touching Amazon products again that are "Dispatched from and sold by Amazon". I had no problem with Amazon when they used royal mail. I also ordered risen 3 from zavvi and still waiting for it to be dispatched after 2 weeks from its release, although it is now cancelled and gonna wait for it get cheaper now. Same thing happened with sacred, but that was a blessing in disguise as gave time to see the bad reviews and cancel. These 2 retailers I am not going to be using ever again. I will be using shopto more from now even if costs more.
Autogamer 8 months ago
Anyone could tell Sacred 3 was gonna be bad. Whoever get burned by it should really do their research on games before they buy them
Loli-Nox-Tan 8 months ago
Hi autogamer use shopto or gameseek.
Edvinas 8 months ago
mortal kombat
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