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Five minutes of FIFA 15

The FIFA 15 demo is now available to download on Xbox One, with the PS4 version coming tomorrow.

To celebrate the fact that it's now live, I've took a little video of our first game and posted it below.

It has to be said that the new FIFA takes some getting used too, shooting feels different and the goalkeepers are new and improved, although I'll need to play some more to see that as nothing really stuck out on my first game.

Anyway, here's the video.

Edited On 09 Sep, 2014

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Joey B's avatar
Joey B 2 years ago
I was lucky enough to be involved in the closed beta for the career mode of this, I played a full season, so about 40-50 matches ... scoring doesn't get any easier, the goalkeepers are very O.P in this, I really hope they've made it a bit easier, I don't think I won a match by more than 2 goals because it was so difficult to find the back of the net. Not played the demo yet so I will find out later if they took the advice of nearly everybody involved with the beta

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