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Battlefield 4: Final Stand takes place in a wintery Russia

Battlefield 4: Final Stand, the final DLC for Battlefield 4, will take place in the arctic region of Russia, coming with four maps that are “unique and distinct” with military installations set against a “wintry landscape, expect intense, infantry-focused combat.”

“We definitely had a lot of fun designing these maps and the future-tech weapons and vehicles of Final Stand and hope you guys have as much fun with them as we do,” said DICE. “That’s why we want you to start playing them now.

“Starting today we are going to be testing pre-release versions of the Final Stand maps on the Community Test Environment.”

Here's a video showing more.

Edited On 10 Sep, 2014

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JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 2 years ago
the first level reminds me of James Bond Tomorrow Never Dies the first level. That game has left me with bad memories back then i couldn't get past the first level i'd mess up at the skiing bit at the end!

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