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DriveClub DLC schedule revealed

Sony has revealed the DLC schedule for DriveClub, taking support for the game up to June 2015.

Evolution has already started to develop free updates that will introduce a new weather system and a photo mode and even though there are already 55 routes over 25 tracks in the game, it will be bringing you more new tracks to enjoy and all of them will be free.

Evolution will also keep adding more of the world’s best cars to the game and will give one car every month, as a free series running from October 2014 to June 2015.

A full calendar of new release DLC will also run deep into 2015. This will let you buy packs of new cars and new campaign tour expansions, to give you more to play for each month. This calendar will start in November 2014 with every pack offering new challenges to play and new Trophies for you to earn.

There will also be a Season Pass available so that you can pre-order the DLC packs. In fact, it works out that with the Season Pass you’ll save more than 60% on the cost of purchasing these packs individually.

Edited On 10 Sep, 2014

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lukas83's avatar
lukas83 2 years ago
Delaying the game for a year. Stripping content from the promised PS+ version. Now Pre-scheduled year long DLC. DriveClub has lost another customer!
Anonymous user's avatar
ANDRE 2 years ago
If you were only getting the PS + version then I'm guessing your not the customer they are aiming for with this free DLC.

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