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Nintendo announces 3DS Winter 2014 bonus game promotion

Nintendo has today announced a new promotion for Nintendo 3DS and 2DS systems, the Nintendo 3DS Winter 2014 Bonus Game Promotion.

To take part in the Nintendo 3DS Winter 2014 Bonus Game Promotion, participants simply need to do both of the following:

- Register a Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL system with Club Nintendo between 11th September 2014 and 12th January 2015 (23:59 local time); and…

- Register a copy of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS* (releasing 3rd October), Pokémon Omega Ruby or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire (both releasing 28th November) with Club Nintendo between 3rd October 2014 and 12th January 2015 (23:59 local time)

Participants will also be required to fill out the software registration survey – a required action if the copy of the game is purchased at retail.

In return, participants can request a free download code to download one of the following games from Nintendo eShop:

- Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
- The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
- Yoshi’s New Island
- Kirby: Triple Deluxe
- Mario Golf: World Tour
- Mario Party: Island Tour
- Pokémon Art Academy

The free download code can be requested via a user’s Club Nintendo account, with the download code request needing to be completed by 12th February 2015 (23:59 local time). The download code will expire on 12th March 2015 (23:59 local time), and therefore will need to be redeemed by this time.

Edited On 11 Sep, 2014

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Dead's avatar
Dead 2 years ago
Another nice freebie from Nintendo, don't think I'll be bothering with this one though, already got most the games they're giving away, and wasn't planning on getting either of the Pokemon remakes.
Bindiana's avatar
Bindiana 2 years ago
Your Getting Smash Bros though arent you. Do you have to register a new console to be eligible for the offer? Ie the console I have registered doesnt count you have to buy a console and one of the games to get a free game.
Dead's avatar
Dead 2 years ago
Yeah, just Smash Bros, didn't see you had to buy hardware too thought it was just Smash and a Pokemon you had to buy, if it wasn't for the new 3DS next year I would've bought the Smash Bros 3DS though, still wouldn't have been much in it for me, don't want Mario Party or Pokemon Art Acedemy and I've got all the rest.
Im Going Space's avatar
Im Going Space 2 years ago
always seem to miss these offers, from now on i'm not registering ANYTHING on club nintendo until an offer arises, as i missed about 4 of these offers back when i got the 3DS by registering everything too soon

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