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New DriveClub footage shows off Scotland

Some new footage of DriveClub has arrived, showing off some Savage Rivale GTR-S gameplay, all of which takes place in Scotland.

As always the footage looks rather stunning and very realistic. Just look at the sun and the interior of the car.

We're looking forward to this game, if you are too then you can order below.

Edited On 06 Oct, 2014

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Cheeky Monkey's avatar
Cheeky Monkey 2 years ago
Not sure why the video has to be so long as it was the same all the way through. I saw everything there was to see in the first 15 seconds. Obviously very nice graphics but the gameplay looks no different to lots of other racers from the last decade. It did confirm though that the in-car camera view is still totally useless for racing and if you want to stand any chance of staying on track you need to use the old predictable out of car camera from behind and above. To be honest there's nothing about this game beyond graphics that would tempt me into buying it at all so far.
Anonymous user's avatar
Jason 2 years ago
Looks pretty dull. Forza Horizon looks way better in every department from everything I have seen so far. I will try free version but doubt ill pay for it

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