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Sony planning to produce 200,000 PS4's a year for China - Set for December release

Sony has confirmed that it is preparing to enter the Chinese market and it's planning to produced around 200,000 PS4s a year for the territory, with reports suggesting that it could arrive as early as December.

Bloomberg found an agreement which was filed on China Pilot Free Trade Zone website and was later authenticated by Sony spokesperson Masaki Tsukakoshi. It was also made clear that while this number is accurate, it could easily change based on demand.

Consoles have suffered from a 14 year ban in China. Microsoft was the first to launch and is thought to have shipped 100,000 units at launch, although there is no clear indication of how the console actually sold to the consumer.

Sony is yet to announce a launch date for PS4 in the region.

Edited On 10 Oct, 2014

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Fear Sinséir1612's avatar
Fear Sinséir1612 2 years ago
This is news, why? Guess some questionable 'Brits' made money off of them during the Opium trade. China, the eternal export market. Some things just never change.

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