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DriveClub diagnostics may disrupt servers

During the next 24hrs Evolution are running essential diagnostics to help improve the performance of the servers. This may disrupt online play for you when you do get connected.

DriveClub launched early this week in the U.S and demand has meant that the servers have hit their limits, causing issues for others trying to connect online.

This has resulted in the delay of the PlayStation Plus Edition, although those who downloaded, upgraded or purchased from retail are still able to play the single player campaign, although may not be able to connect online.

According to a comment from Evolution, "We've done a significant amount of beta and server load testing before launching the servers and they've never hit their limits before, so this is a new problem and we're doing everything we can to get passed it so that you can play online and enjoy the game."

We'll have a review of DriveClub for you very soon, we were planning on publishing it today, but we're going to leave it until we've had a bit more time online.

Edited On 10 Oct, 2014

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Dead's avatar
Dead 2 years ago
May disrupt servers? How would you tell the difference?
inspector 74's avatar
inspector 74 2 years ago
This is a joke the boys and girls at evolution/sony have really made a mess of this havent they
Anonymous user's avatar
lee 2 years ago
Well it plays a decent game but it is frustrating not to be playing on online, yet another hiccup of major proportion !

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