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Pix The Cat Review

Pix the Cat is yet another mind-bending little puzzle game ideal for the PlayStation Network; think along the lines of the maze like worlds of Pacman with the puzzle element of Snake and this is one really addictive game.

You start the game as Pix the Cat, playing a game on the TV,  he uses simple directional commands to move around a series of single screen mazes; with the aim to collect eggs which then hatch into ducklings that then follow Pix, acting as a tail that will flow across the path the leader has ran. Pix than needs to avoid running into this line of ducklings whilst trying to lead the badling into transporter tiles dotted around the maze. Once all have been saved a vortex opens up and the gate to the nezt maze is ready to enter to start all over again, delving deeper and deeper into the digital world. 

The initial "Starters" arcade mode has you work through the levels from the very beginning against a timer; only getting so far before this initial mode ends but then unlocking more through repetitive play. A more challenging main set of puzzles then open up and from there even more game modes, offering slightly different gameplay but still as devilishly tricky.

This time you are sliding to collect cells before delivering them, though the trick here is that you can only change direction when you hit a wall and only deliver them once all cells have been picked up, really adding another level of head scratching. Just like Pix's adventures, more challenges await with enemies patrolling and ever harder puzzles.

The Nostalgia game mode is another take on this addictive formula, again grabbing and hatching eggs but this time the challenge is to reach a set goal, your trail of ducklings growing ever larger by the second. This mode is just as challenging, with some almost evil modes where you are controlling multiple Pix's at once. 

The visuals are a joy to watch through the whole game but it is the Nostalgia mode that really steals the show, presented like a classic cartoon, the sepia toned graphics crackle like it would on an old film, reminding me of the really old Disney cartoons like Steamboat Willie.

With plenty to unlock and a challenging set of in game missions, Pix the Cat is yet another addictive puzzle game that is made even sweeter by being the next title on the PlayStation Plus programme and even if you do not subscribe, it is well worth the asking price with its PSVita/PS4 cross purchase functions. 

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: PS4/PS Vita)


+ Simple, addictive and very challenging.
+ Beautiful array of visual styles
+ Online leader boards and ghosts.


- Really hard to put down once started.

Edited On 10 Oct, 2014

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PrometheusFan's avatar
PrometheusFan 2 years ago
This was a massive surprise for me in this month's Plus games. I expected something decent in the vein of the previous Arkedo titles on PS3, but Pix is genuinely fantastic. Closest we'll likely get to a sequel to Pacman CE DX+.
Anonymous user's avatar
DANIEL 2 years ago
I've deleted it. I got extraordinarily stuck on the mission called 'Fantabulous' and could progress no further.

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