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My daughter reviews the Pokemon demo

When the Pokemon demo codes arrived for ShopTo customers yesterday I was one of the first to grab one so that I could check out the game. Unfortunately for me, as soon as my daughter knew I had the demo she grabbed the 3DS XL off of me and completed it for herself. So what did she think? 

Here's her review.

"In the first part you have to get the mega evolution bracelet and use it so that your Pokemon can use mega evolution. Then you can go on adventures and fight other Pokemon.

If I would give it a score out of 10 it would be 10, because it's fun to get new Pokemon and fight against the other Pokemon. I like the graphics too because it's quite colourful. Is that it? Can I go and watch Cartoonito now?

To be fair to her she has it pretty spot on as the mega evolution is quite a big part of the new game, so it's quite interesting that she should spot that as a major feature. The demo allows players to battle with the highest evolved forms of starting Pokemon - Sceptile, Blaziken and Swampert and you can play around with their Mega Evolution forms. You are even able to carry over a special Pokemon to the full game, along with some pokeballs that you'll earn for repeated plays.

Download the demo today.

Edited On 16 Oct, 2014

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
spot on review - better than IGN :P I'm enjoying the demo - only played about an hour so far though because FFX is draining all my handheld time!

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