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Apple Special Event - Round up

Apple has revealed that the iPhone 6 launch is the fastest selling in history. It also revealed that the brand new Apple Pay system will begin this Monday with 500 new providers set up.

Apple Watch was also mentioned, with Apple once again showing some new features, such as WatchKit, which will allow developers to create apps for the watch.

Apple Watch ships early 2015.

Talking about iOS 8, Apple revealed that nearly half of the install base is running the software, compared to 25 percent of Android users who are running the latest Android software, KitKat.

Moving on from this iOS 8.1 was also mentioned which will bring back Camera Roll, add Apple Pay and new iCloud photo features.

Apple also talked about Yosemite, talking up its design, notification centre and the spotlight search system and of course, Safari which has a new tab view and stacking. Safari is apparently six times faster than other browsers too, as well as giving you 2+ more hours on your battery, 3+ if you are watching Netflix.

What's pretty great is that you can send email up to 5GB through iCloud, while iTunes and iWork have also been updated.

iCloud drive gives you access to all of your files and anything you've stored from your iOS devices too.

Both iOS 8.1 and Yosemite both work together thanks to the power of the iCloud, advanced WiFi and Bluetooth. 

Apple seemed keen to point out that you can use one device and pick up where you left off on the other, so when you browse the internet or perform another task on one device, the other will remember what you have been doing and take you there.

Yosemite is out today and you can download it for free. iOS 8.1 is also out this Monday for free and the updated iWork is also out today, once again for free.

The new iPad was the next thing to be announced, also known as the iPad Air 2. Although not before it was mentioned that 225 million iPads have been sold around the world. In fact for the year iPad has sold more than any PC line from any manufacturer for the entire year.

The iPad Retina Mini has 100% customer satisfaction apparently, which is pretty impressive. iPad is number one in a lot of areas according to Apple.

The new iPad Air 2 is only 6.1mm thick, Apple's also saying that it has the "lowest reflectivity of any tablet." It has the best display you have ever seen and the thinnest tablet.

A new chip is also inside known as A8X. It has 2nd-gen 64-bit architecture, 40% faster CPU and is 180x faster than the original iPad in terms of graphics. Apple says that it can deliver console level graphics onto iPad Air 2 as well as 10 hours of battery.

The iSight camera has also been included, allowing you to take photos and edit them on the device. It has 8 million mega pixel camera which shoots 1080p video. Some of the examples show are pretty impressive.

You can also take many different type of photos such as panorama, time lapse, burst and slo-mo videos.

There is also a new FaceTime camera, new mics for better audio, improved WiFi and of course Touch ID.

A new Pixelmator was also announced, it's a photo editing app which has proven quite popular previously on Mac and it seems that the iPad version could prove just as popular thanks to the fast processing times.

Replay was also announced, a video editing software that lets you create movie very simply using the videos on your iPad. It seems to create a movie instantly based on the style you choose.

Here's the cost.

An new iPad mini 3 was also announced which comes with Touch ID, while the iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and the original iPad mini are also staying on sale.

Pre-orders start tomorrow and they ship before the end of the month.

As for the iMac, it's getting a new 27 inch retina display, which will offer the best resolution on a desktop. Apple is calling it the Retina 5K display. It has 14.7 million pixels meaning that it has 7x more pixels than your HD TV and 64% more pixels than a 4K display. The team had to create a new chip and material in order for the display to exist. It also created a new backlight, although it manages to use a third less energy.

It all sounds pretty impressive.

But that's not all, as it has been updated completely with a new 3.5 Ghz processor, AMD Radeon R9 graphics. It has Thunderbolt 2, a Fusion Drive and is energy star 6.1 compliant.

It ships today at just under $2500.

Edited On 16 Oct, 2014

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