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DriveClub developer Evolution releases new update to fans; PS Plus

It's almost becoming a daily occurrence, but Evolution Software has released yet another update on the progress of DriveClub's online servers.

It's good to see the developer updating fans everyday on the issues the game is facing, which is perhaps something others could learn from.

Anyway, it seems DriveClub is getting there, connecting online is certainly becoming easier, although there are still a few issues, as outlined below.

"We can see that the majority of you can now get online, but we know that at peak times of the day it can still be hard to get connected, so we are still working to improve connectivity with every update to the servers.

"We can also see that when you do get connected, some of you are having a hard time getting into multiplayer races and that posting leaderboard results can sometimes take a lot longer than you'd expect.

"These connectivity issues stem from the same unforeseen server problem that we've been working to get on top of since we launched DRIVECLUB, and while we are getting on top of the problem now, we are still working round the clock to keep improving gameplay for you. This means there will be regular server updates in the coming days to get all of you connected and enjoying all of DRIVECLUB all of the time.

We will continue to keep you up to speed with the improvements we make and would like to thank you again for all of your feedback and messages about your time with the game so far - please keep them coming."

The studio also revealed that, "PS Plus Edition news" will come as soon as they have concrete information on this.

Edited On 21 Oct, 2014

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Chris 2 years ago
I can still say online racing still kicks you out over 50% of the time if not with only a handful of cars and tracks available they should sort this out before they even think about turning on the ps+ version.i will gladly stream my gameplay on twitch or ustream for anyone who would like to see what problems there is with this game and how far from the truth their posts are
Old Timer's avatar
Old Timer 2 years ago
It is good to see developers updating us daily but I still can't believe that so many games this day and age are released in such a bad state, of course bugs etc get missed in testing but come on, they didn't see this? Still not as bad as Battlefield 4 release but not too far off. Anyway, managed to finish the majority of the single player, give up on the multiplayer and traded it in to get some money back.
lukas83's avatar
lukas83 2 years ago
As a game advertised & sold specifically as an online club racer & still 2 weeks after release date not able to fulfil that. It surely has to kick-start some form of legal industry regulations to be put in place against publishers in the gaming industry forcing developers to release broken products to customers purely so they can fit it into their own fiscal year schedules. It's simply not an acceptable practice to sell a broken product to customer & it's a repeating issue that has only got worse & worse over the past few years.

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