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Xbox One to get screenshot feature next year

Microsoft Xbox Boss Phil Spencer has revealed that the December Xbox One firmware update will be a relatively minor one as lots of new console come online over the holiday season.

He was speaking after details of the November update came out, which allows you to use background images from achievements you have unlocked and more.

Spencer was speaking to IGN who seemed to be keen to find out if the much requested screenshot feature which is a major part of the PS4, will make it to Xbox One this year. But it won't.

“As we come back into the new year, we’ll see new stuff, and screenshots is on the list,” he said.

“It’s a little more technically challenging than I thought. Two weeks ago, they think they’ve found a good solution for screenshots. They’re working on it. They know people want it. The team has a path to getting it done, and now it’s just prioritizing.”

Spencer said the team doesn’t want to just grab frames from video for screenshots, so it looks like it is working on getting things right.

Edited On 23 Oct, 2014

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Hymeleon's avatar
Hymeleon 2 years ago
Kinda unbelievable that M$ techs didn't thought about it during Xbone development cycle. Were too busy inventing new version of some sensor for the sake of science probably...

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