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My Daughter reviews: Disney Magical World

My daughter enjoyed reviewing the demo for Pokemon Omega & Alpha so much that I thought I'd let her take the reigns for Disney Magical World for 3DS too.

So let's see what she thinks:

“I think that Disney Magical World is fun and exciting because you can do missions for people and earn stickers. The stickers are used to unlock different things and you earn stickers by helping people when they need you to help them.

“My favourite part is when you complete a mission for the king and he makes you the owner of the cafe. When you are the cafe boss you can make dishes and serve them and if your customers like them you will get money.

“There’s lots more to do but so far out of ten I would give it ten. 

"No you’re not getting the 3DS back now dad.”

So that we go. From my limited time watching her play the game, I'd say her description is pretty spot on. It seems to be a Animal Crossing style game where you become the owner of a cafe, but can also stylise your apartment with new furniture and you character with new clothing.

There are missions to perform for each of the characters you'll meet along the way and as you complete these missions you'll earn stickers. These stickers can then be used to unlock different areas of the game, opening up the possibility of even more missions. Taran is still playing the game now and seems to be pretty hooked, although when she get's stuck the 3DS is generally passed to me to figure it out (although I've no idea why as she's probably better at the game than me).

So there we have it. Another 10 out of 10 from Taran. She'll be an expert reviewer in no time.

Edited On 24 Oct, 2014

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Falcus's avatar
Falcus 2 years ago
I don't know why but as simple as her review is, it's surprisingly charming. I review her review an 11/10! Even better than a 10/10.

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