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Sony sells 13.5 million PS4's as game division returns to profit

Sony has announced sales of 3.3m PlayStation 4 consoles during the three months between July to September, which sees the company's game division up 84 per cent year-on-year.

The company also sold 800,000 PlayStation 3 consoles were also sold during the same timeframe, although the handheld category didn't fair so well with only 700,000 PlayStation Vitas, PSPs and PlayStation TV units sold.

Incredibly, Sony internal figures now suggest that sales of PS4 to consumers has now reached 13.5 million units since launch, which means it's likely that Sony will sell over 15 million units before the year end.

Overall, Sony's Game and Network Services division made 309.5bn yen (£1.73bn) in revenue, although the company as a whole made a loss of ¥136bn (£764m) and expects to end the financial year with a loss of ¥230bn yen (£1.2bn).

Edited On 31 Oct, 2014

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Cheeky Monkey's avatar
Cheeky Monkey 2 years ago
I'm more concerned with knowing when or if Sony are going to fix the major bug with the latest firmware update which crashes the PS4 when you put it in 'rest' mode and won't allow you to restart it again. As one of the main USP's of PS4 is the ability to leave it in 'standby' to allow automatic download of updates, games etc and for charging controllers this is just not acceptable. I used to leave mine in standby all the time and now cannot do that. I've no idea why they had to change it from 'standby' to 'rest' anyway. If it ain't broke don't fix it!! Also why haven't Sony got any QA department that tests these updates on their own systems before releasing them? I read on CNET that they have 2 PS4's and they have the problem on both so it wouldn't have been difficult for Sony to replicate this bug. Also it says on CNET to 'under no circumstances unplug the PS4 when the orange light is flashing to reboot it as this could corrupt the system' Unfortunately I had already done so! If that is the case why haven't Sony issued a statement to all users explaining that, or indeed any statement at all?!

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