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The Muppets Movie Adventures Review

High on the success of their recent Hollywood blockbusters, the Muppets yet again return to the movies, with Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Animal and The Great Gonzo each taking a starring role in their own box office smash.

Played as a classic platform game, each Muppet stars in their own movie, the one level movie an extended exercise in jumping and running, dodging hazards and occasionally throwing a projectile as you collect stars and get to the level boss. With only a small amount of levels to choose from each one tries to add something original to the gameplay, with Kermit starring as Greenlegs The Swashbuckling Pirate Frog, having him dodge sharks and cannon fire and distracting angry seagulls. Miss Piggy’s adventure in The Wizard of the Green Earth is set around a huge tower, our heroine constantly running up the many platforms to reach its peak, Animal stars in The Good, The Bad and the Animal, adding a little meatball flinging action as he has an old fashioned shootout in the old west, Gonzo appears in a castle platform adventure in The Night of the Walking Veggies, and Kermit returns in the final movie, The Koozebane Menace, a Sci-Fi yarn where Kermit is equipped with some rather nifty jet boots. 

As mentioned for most of the levels, even with their own unique angles the majority of the time the gameplay is classic platform action, ideally pitched at the younger audience. Thanks to the Vitas touch screen there are also a couple of interactive puzzles to solve, like pulling levers or a couple of sliding tile puzzles to solve, nothing too taxing but an adult may need to help at certain points. For the first few days of reviewing The Muppets Movie Adventures it very nearly heralded as the worst game I have ever played, released in such an unfinished mess that the game was unplayable. That was the first few days as thankfully an old trick in turning on flight mode when out of WiFi range on the PS Vita 3G fixed most of the issues, turning The Muppets Movie Adventures into a fun, albeit a little short platform game.

I do not know if Miss Piggy’s rider was too expensive but it appears they could not afford the rest of the famous Muppet troupe (or even their voices), offering only the aforementioned stars and a few other supporting Muppets like Pepe and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and professor, sadly the game really feels empty without other classics like Fozzie Bear and Statler and Waldorf. Though there is only a small selection of levels there is some potential to replay the game by way of collecting cinema tickets and gold stars that unlock an assortment of bonuses, plus with each level completed a new power is unlocked in that level, with Kermit able to double jump as a pirate or have special glasses that see hidden platforms in The Koozebane Menace, the extra exploration of the levels is brief but will certainly entertain the younger audience as they work out new areas.

Overall, The Muppets Movie Adventures is a great looking platform game that for the majority there should be little issue with youngsters playing the game on their own, with only a couple of nasty boss levels where they may need a helping hand.

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: PS Vita)


+ Looks great on the PS Vita
+ Classic platform action


- The touch screen elements can be fiddly
- Very short

Edited On 10 Nov, 2014

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