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The Hungry Horde Review

The zombie menace shuffles ever onward, new comics, movies and of course games appearing on a regular basis, experiencing the world as survivors during or post outbreak and even with this constant content there are still original ideas to be tried out with Nosebleed Interactive showing us there is still life in the undead with a rather addictive score based zombie game, The Hungry Horde.

This top down viewed arcade game starts off in an old graveyard, the player controlling a duo of zombies, your goal, just like any other zombie, eat brains and spread the infection. Focusing on the more modern zombie variants the “runners”, your deadly couple soon grow with them easily able to outpace the majority of civilians and as you come into contact with the screaming victims they very quickly turn into one of your undead brethren, with each attack building your horde into a sea of zombies trampling all in its path. This simple crowd mechanic quickly becomes enjoyable and addictive, the horde easy to control with the left stick, though any real chance of getting on the already ridiculously high world leaderboards you need to master the skill of splitting the pack, with you able to create two hordes that work independently of one another, each with the PS Vitas control sticks. 

The Hungry Horde is not just about chomping everything that moves as there are even puzzles to solve, the well-armed army to contend with and the ever present threat of the government about to launch a nuclear strike to obliterate all your hard chomped efforts. To keep the launch at bay your horde needs to pass checkpoints, the ever dwindling countdown given a temporary boost and as for the armed forces, well you have a selection of powers that build up with the more brains you collect, including a green shield of ooze, a speed boost and Grab, a sort of zombie smart bomb that converts all those warm bodies into instant undead.

Racking up high scores and managing to complete a few nights is one thing but that alone can get a little tiresome so in a stroke of genius and something I cannot believe has not happened before, there is a sticker album. With certain in game achievements attained you will be rewarded a pack of stickers, opened by carefully tearing the top off the pack, three stickers are then popped into your digital sticker book, with classic character poses, scenarios from the game, larger triptichs to build and of course shineys, or in this case special stickers that unlock the ability to play some fun little mini games like Zombie Conga. Pretty much most games now have elements of collectables but this addition is so much fun to collect and so well implemented into the gameplay that it turned a brief and enjoyable game into a must get the last stocker scenario, something I thought I grew out of long time ago.

Whilst The Hungry Horde certainly does not have the longevity of other small arcade style titles already available on the PS Vita its fun mechanics and sticker collecting are certainly worth a few play throughs.

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: PS Vita)


+ Sticker collecting
+ Fun high score challenges


- Long loading times

Edited On 12 Nov, 2014

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
I didn't think the loading was that bad, it is a fun game though. I like the twin stick to separate the horde movement though - reminded me of Overlord a bit :)
RTLF's avatar
RTLF 2 years ago
Yea I agree with the loading times, it's a fun little game but the loading times put me off playing it a little. Especially the amount of loading it takes from boot up to actually getting to play. Considering it's not the most complex game in terms of graphics or content I don't quite understand it. Great fun though once it gets going :)

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