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LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Review

If you want to make a superhero game great then there is only one way to do it, add in as many characters as possible, give players the option to play in co-op, build everything in sight out of LEGO and if that's still not enough, base it all in space. If that's not a winning recipe, then I don't know what is.

LEGO games have always been known for their humour, ability to explore and the sheer fun of watching your favourite characters come to life in brick form. LEGO Batman 3 doesn't deviate much from this formula, bringing players the characters you know and love, along with some new innovations. But most of all, there are just more of them and each has its own way of making the game both a little different and good fun.

TT Games has always made its game about collecting and there is so much to collect in LEGO Batman 3 that it'll make your eyes hurt. For instance many characters can gain new suits and therefore new abilities. These are there for the taking in story mode as you'll need them to progress, however, as with previous games in the series, there are many collectables that you'll not be able to retrieve until you return to the same level with a different character in free play mode. This of course adds a lot of replay-ablility to the game, which is great for families as my kids love nothing more than collecting all of the characters and anything else they can find about the levels.

While level design is the fairly standard LEGO affair, there are some differences which make playing a lot of fun. There are space shooter levels which add a fast paced bit of action to proceedings. These can also be played in co-op mode, although I found it a lot easier to play in one player mode using the full screen. There are also some Tron like levels where you have to collect certain objects without falling off the edge. These levels add something different to the game, which is always nice.

As always, the humour is excellent. Batman is a moody so and so, while the other characters really add a lot to the game. Joker is excellent, providing the kids with plenty of laughs and the new lead villain, Brainiac is also an excellent addition who has some fun moments. What did my kids love most? Well this of course...

There are around 150 playable characters in the game, so it's gonna take a long time to unlock them all, although it's fair to say that you'll probably only use around 10 percent of these in the story itself. The most popular characters are all there, so whether you want to take control of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern or The Flash, there's plenty of choice on offer throughout the entire campaign.

The voice acting in LEGO Batman 3 is pretty fantastic. I was chuffed when the developer started making the characters speak as it really added a lot to the experience and in this title it's better than ever. There are cameos from all sorts of people, such as Kevin Smith and 'clueless gamer' Conan O’Brien. The standout is perhaps Adam West, who takes part in some extra special "Adam West in peril" missions. There are plenty of laugh out loud funny moments that will keep both adults and children entertained and at the end of that day that's all you can ask for really.

As for presentation, overall it's pretty solid. The graphics are of high quality, as you can see from the screens I've captured and embedded in this review. The environments and characters are well detailed and the cutscenes provide a high level of detail. There are the odd moments where you characters gets stuck or there will be the odd glitch, but generally this sorts itself out.

LEGO Batman 3 takes what's good about the LEGO series of games and rolls with it. Sure it's not perfect, the story could probably be better and some of the scenes do feel like they could be a little shorter, after all there's only so many times you can complete a set task in order to destroy a boss, but overall I've got plenty of love for this game and the series in general. LEGO Batman 3 doesn't take itself too seriously, it appeals to people of all ages and brings everyone together for a good, fun time. Games like LEGO Batman 3 are one of the reasons video games are so popular and as long as TT Games keep providing us with titles of this quality then families around the world will continue to enjoy them.

Words by Joe Anderson.
Twitter: @_wotta | PSN/Xbox LIVE: Wotta

(Version Tested: PS4)


+ Excellent humour
+ Brilliant presentation
+ Plenty of characters
+ Fun space levels


- Story could perhaps be better
- The odd glitch

Edited On 14 Nov, 2014

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Gatatog's avatar
Gatatog 2 years ago
Just picked this up and I can't wait to play it. I love superheroes so this and Lego Marvel have been right up my alley. Judging from the review it could be a real timesink to unlock everything but as with Marvel I have every intention to get the plat ;)

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