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Super Smash Bros Review

Editor's Note - Since this game has already been reviewed by us on 3DS, we have updated our review to reflect how we feel about the Wii U version. You can read the original 3DS and our additional Wii U review below - We feel this will help avoid duplication.

Since its release Smash Bros melee has been another string to Mario’s bow, using a huge array of classic character scrapping away over-elaborate single screen platform arenas. Keeping with the Nintendo ethos, Super Smash Bros keeps the simplicity that is synonymous with their games, making them enjoyable for anyone of any skill level be it a hard core fighting gamer or a first timer. 

3DS Review

Across the huge selection of modes available in Super Smash Bros, the barebones is a 2D fighting game with your chosen character battling against up to three other players. As mentioned the character selection is huge, allowing you to choose from familiar brawlers like Link, Princess Zelda, Megaman Sonic, Pac Man, Samus, Donkey Kong, Mario and of course your own Mii. With any mode you choose the resulting battle is fierce and fast and though winning though clever use of special moves an blocking, the key to being victorious is just figuring out where you are on the screen as so much is going on, the screen littered with explosions and plenty of power ups for everyone to scramble to.

As mentioned the beauty is in the simplicity of the game, with two attack buttons, a regular and a special; to pull of more moves it is a simple matter of pressing a direction, no overly long inputs here but the moves are still as spectacular to watch. Each character has different moves that reflect their skill sets that fall under one of three categories that are self-explanatory, brawler, sword fighter and gunner. Even with all the characters and their own moves to pick from there is plenty of opportunity to customise your fighter, be it unlocking new specials and equipment for the roster or even creating and importing your own Mii fighter, starting with basic items that boost defence, attack or agility and then unlocking more items as you progress.

Though fighting is the main order of Super Smash Bros it manages to still pack this handheld version with loads of modes, starting with a straight-up Smash; a Classic Mode where you can choose a route to take on various foes, upping the difficulty with your gold to boost the chances of better treasures like trophies and equipment for customisation. All-Star takes you through the roster, battling each group in chronological order and the Multi-Man Smash, a series of challenges like the 100-Man Smash, Endless Smash and Rival Smash. Unique to the 3DS version of Melee is the Smash Run, a huge platform world where you attack an infinite amount of familiar monsters for three minutes, collecting power-ups before taking on three other players who were taking part in the same event.

Using the 3DS tech most of these modes are playable as single player or against friends locally who also own the game. Online also allows to play across the Nintendo Network, letting you play friendly matches or for bragging rights across the world. An interesting function is also the ability to share your characters with the WiiU version and also use the 3Ds as a separate WiiU pad and whilst not tested this sounds like a great idea.

Aside from a wealth of character unlocks and upgrades there is of course the coveted trophies, each one looking glorious in their 3D versions to show off to your friends or adore them in private.

With the amount of content and action packed into this little cartridge it is amazing that nothing gives, with graphics that look great on the small screen to fighting action that never slows down with a magnificent orchestral soundtrack full of classic console tunes to top it off, it is hard to believe this is on the little 3DS, how the WiiU version will top this will be interesting to see.

Wii U Review - Words by Joe Anderson

Smash Bros on the Wii U is a different beast. For one it looks absolutely wonderful, easily holding up to anything that PS4 and Xbox One can offer in the graphics department. It also has some fantastic game modes which are missing from the 3DS version, as well as many exclusive features and stages. It's fair to say that Smash Bros on Wii U is the definitive version, which is why you'll want it in your collection more than most title.

The backgrounds, most of which are console-exclusive, take on all manner of forms, from Donkey Kong to Pilotwings and offer a larger environment to smash your way through. This suits the exclusive game modes which are only on Wii U, such as 8-Player Smash, which allows for some frantic 8 player action. You can use these bigger stages in anyway you like, allowing you to customise speed, gravity, starting conditions, items, and more making for a much more interesting fight.

Amiibo support is also added of course, although we've been unable to test this as yet because we lack the figures. From what we hear it'll be pretty much the case of pressing your Amiibo of choice on the GamePad's NFC reader and watching it battle as a CPU-controlled character. So for instance, if you have eight figures you can load up 8-Player Smash and watch them go at it. Your Amiibo begins as a Lv1 character and will level up with the more fights it wins. It sounds like a novelty feature in all honesty, but we'll know more once we test it for ourselves.

One thing to say about the Wii U version of Smash Bros is that it's packed with gameplay modes, some making their way over from the 3DS version and others unique. Classic mode comes over, with a few slight differences such as Event matches, which offer something different - as most of you will know if you've played a previous version of the game on consoles. These modes also have secondary objectives, so completing these not only offers more events, but a unique reward too.

The most surprising mode for me is Smash Tour mode, here four players each choose a Mii and wander around a Mario Party-style board game. Taking part in the matches you'll collect items and the more fighters you collect, the more lives you'll have in the final battle, as each of these fighters essentially act as a life. It's a mode I really need to spend a little more time with to fully understand, but from what I've played so far it seems like the sort of mode you can really lose some time in.

Having spent a little time with the 3DS version of Smash Bros, what I can say about the Wii U version is that it looks better and there is just far more of it. The action is easier to see on the larger screen and therefore feels a much easier on the eye. 

In all honesty, I'm not really a fan of the Smash Bros Series and can never quite get into it, however there's a lot that's positive about Smash Bros on Wii U that I'm sure fans and newcomers alike will love. Not only does it look fantastic, but it's packed with new gameplay modes as well as unique features and stages. It's so good as an overall package that I wish I loved it more. But I know that for those who are looking forward to it, it'll be love at first sight.

Words by Ash Buchanan/Joe Anderson.

(Version Tested: 3DS / Wii U)

3DS Pros

+ Huge roster of customisable characters
+ Smooth and fast gameplay
+ Easy to pick up and play
+ Plenty of modes and loads of items to unlock

Wii U Pros

+ Extra game modes
+ Extra stages
+ Looks incredible

3DS Cons

- Can lose track of your character on the small screen

Wii U Cons

- n/a

Edited On 24 Nov, 2014

( 6 )
Akemi no Zero's avatar
Akemi no Zero 2 years ago
Not surprised at all, great review joe.
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
you just tried to take my payment for this! cheaper than I thought - with being silver I must have pre-ordered the version with the GC adapter when it was about 4 quid cheaper than the current asking price :) - my payment bounced but i'll pre-pay both this and Pokemon tomorrow when I get paid via Paypal. This is why I didn't like it when it was announced to be a week earlier :P
Loli-Nox-Tan's avatar
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
What's your price? £47.35 (Gold) for me
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
45.44 on Silver :P I ordered as soon as it was on here tho. Was debating b4 if I want the GC adapter (still got and play on my modded GC from time to time so got a few pads) but for a few quid more than the base game I may as well get the adapter. I should get some amiibos but i'm due a bonus of up to 1k next month for Christmas so I may treat myself - I just really hate all this oys R Us in the US exclusives and limited press versions - they should just release the same ones everywhere and not have a limit on distribution - means getting certain ones is gonna be a pain either on Ebay or Amazon
Loli-Nox-Tan's avatar
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
That does mean that they will be good collectors items. I refuse to buy them now cos there is no way for me to use them without ripping them out of the box
Kaysar's avatar
Kaysar 2 years ago
Looking forward to this and hoping to have a little gathering at mine for a night of Smash Bros and LBP

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