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Games with Gold titles revealed for December

Microsoft has announced the free Games with Gold titles for December, with Xbox One owners getting Worms Battlegrounds for free, while Xbox 360 owners are greeted with The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief and then around the middle of the month, SSX.

Here's the dates:

- Worms Battlegrounds : Available from December 1-31 on Xbox One
- The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief : Available from December 1-15 on Xbox 360
- SSX : Available from December 16-31 on Xbox 360

What do you think?

Edited On 26 Nov, 2014

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Loli-Nox-Tan's avatar
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
The raven is a good game - I bought it on release on the PC. If you like old fashioned point-and-click games (with thumbstick movement) then you will like this game!. I prefer this style to the new TellTale style (QTEs and random choices between a story you walk around in) - these kind of ones are where you have to think about the puzzles and what you are doing. The ending is good too - you will probably guess it before you see it but its a nice little story
superniceguy's avatar
superniceguy 2 years ago
I bought Worms in a sale on Xbox ONE a few months back and still not got around to playing it, got Raven on PC/Steam, and also got SSX in a Xbox 360 sale, so not a good month for me, but it will get more achievements with the Raven
Akemi no Zero's avatar
Akemi no Zero 2 years ago
I agree nox yawn glad i didn't re new.

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