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Toybox Turbos Review

It has been a bit of a trip down memory lane these past few days with a couple of fresh interpretations of classics to review, first with the more modern take on Cannon Fodder with Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops on the Vita and now Toybox Turbos on PC via Steam.

Toybox Turbos is a return to one of Codemasters earlier games, where I have many a fond memory of four players huddled around the portable TV screen playing the fantastic Micro Machines, a series of games that really caught the spirit of party play, its popularity spawning a few decent followups.

A long time has passed and so it seems has the license for those toy cars but that will not stop Codemasters revisiting this gaming great and even with a few noticeable changes to the vehicles themselves, every other aspect of the classic game is here.

Racing as these tiny tuneups you will find yourself careering around a wonderful assortment of tracks set in the real world and made from general bits and bobs from school desks, pool tables, a science laboratory, breakfast table or the more standard children's racing car track play mat. Each of these environments look great when all up close thanks to the miniature size of the vehicles, all littered with crazy hazards to overcome like rolling pool balls, ruler bridges, bunsen burners or even spilt milk to make you lose traction on corners, marbles to slow you down or paperclips that create a rough terrain. 

The main focus in Toybox Turbos is on the single player mode, setting up a series of different challenges across the various tracks with the likes of time attacks, laps, an overtaking challenge and an elimination race where you get the chance to win a new vehicle. As you race there are coins to collect that can be used to purchase more cars for your garage with the cars themselves split into various categories that are unlockable in their own specific groups starting off with slower cars like busses and cabs, you slowly work your way through diggers, 4x4's, ice cream vans and then the more powerful vehicles like a drag strip racer, each one having their own attributes, letting you pick the best weight, handling and speed though normally you find one good car in the category and stick with it, winning most races with relative ease.

To add a little more mayhem to the proceedings each track has plenty of powerups to collect and then utilise their random offerings and fans will be pleased to see the return of classics like the machine gun where you can pepper your rival with bullets to slow them down and even destroy them, the magnet which pulls you closer to the racer in front of you, speed boosts, mines and the mallet, which is mounted on your roof ready to clout anyone who gets too close.

Overall the game looks great, the worlds you race through represented well in its own cartoon style, never skipping a beat even on the higher graphical settings with lots of carnage ensuing on screen and for most of the time the camera handles the birds eye view well, however during the Elimination rounds it is punishing, a problem I remember all too well from the older versions as when you are winning your car is pushing up against the top of the screen, with only lighting quick reflexes and a photographic memory of the track your only saviour as otherwise a good lead will often result in a loss.

Another negative is that even though the version reviewed was for Steam and was only just released the online multiplayer mode is all but dead with no game on offer at all, something I really hope the console versions does not share the same fate.

In the end Codemasters have kept this simple, a graphical update of one of their more beloved series and fans of the Micro Machines games will be more than happy with the Toybox Turbos.

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: PC)


+ Classic Micro Machines action under a different name
+ Lots of cars to unlock as race
+ Local multiplayer is still a blast


- Online is empty
- Nothing really new

Edited On 27 Nov, 2014

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