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Ubisoft quizzes fans on future Far Cry settings

Ubisoft has been polling players to ask about future Far Cry settings, with the possibility of dinosaurs, zombies, the Wild West and a sequel to Blood Dragon, all mentioned.

Here's some of the topics covered in the questionnaire

- A Far Cry game in remote Alaska about surviving extreme wilderness
- A Far Cry game in a futuristic, sci-fi setting on another planet
- A Far Cry game set in the Vietnam war during the 1960s
- A Far Cry game set in the cocaine trafficking jungles of Peru
- A Far Cry game where you can fight against or join vampires
- A Far Cry game in the Spaghetti Western style set in the 19th century Americas
- A Far Cry game that is set during a zombie outbreak
- Blood Dragon 2: A sequel to Blood Dragon
- A Far Cry game set in a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic world
- A Far Cry game in the present day on a Jurassic Park style island of dinosaurs
- A Far Cry game based on the world of Shangri-La from Far Cry 4

Sounds like there may be a new Far Cry game being considered then. Which of the above would you like to see?

Edited On 05 Jan, 2015

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Dead's avatar
Dead 2 years ago
Howabout a Far Cry game without any bugs?
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston's avatar
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston 2 years ago
Dinosaurs, must have dinosaurs. As long as it's realistic "Walking with dinosaurs" quality. No cartoon crap
 TruDarkAssassin's avatar
TruDarkAssassin 2 years ago
Not sure what game you were playing far cry 4 ran perfect for me from start to finish no problems at all lol
Anonymous user's avatar
Andrey 2 years ago
Well, Jurassic sounds nice if it's will act as Shangri-La in Far Cry 4. other than that - nothing seems interesting. Want Far Cry 5 to be realistic and about present time - it's not Fallout or some Star Wars. Some location during Autumn season would look fresh.
Fear Sinséir1612's avatar
Fear Sinséir1612 2 years ago
So, nothing truly original to choose from then; just the usual Ubisoft Canada rehash. Must say, really surprised at that! They forgot as an option a Far Cry set in Hong Kong à la Sleeping Dawgs and where you collect Zodiac statuettes! They also seemed to forget to cash in on Star Wars and to poll whether you wanted one set in the future where you battle with lightsabers and laser guns and you battle it out against AT-AT Imperial Walkers; much better than a Diplodocus popping up, surely! Guess, 'Destiny's' sales and uptake rate must have persuaded them otherwise! And can't they rehash some of the Lego games ideas for a next Far Cry! Or maybe, bring in some N*ZI conspiracy that the Third Reich is still up-and-running à la Iron Sky and Wolf*nstein and out to enslave us all who ARE ...!
Fear Sinséir1612's avatar
Fear Sinséir1612 2 years ago
Actually, were these respondents allowed to leak all of this? Weren't they bound by some kind of confidentiality clause?!
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 2 years ago
I'd like the cocaine one just because the mission in far cry 3 where you're setting all the fields on fire with skrillex playing was epic..

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