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Microsoft Game Studios hiring for 'next instalment in a beloved strategy game'

Microsoft Game Studios are developing the 'next instalment in a beloved strategy game franchise', according to a number of job listings on its career site.

The company's Decisive Games team, which 'is focused on world class strategy game development', is hiring three senior software engineers to work on its latest project. The job listings also asks for 'familiarity of Direct X11 or Xbox 360/Xbox One rendering APIs.'

Given that Microsoft will announce Windows 10 soon and that the job listing mentions both “Windows and Xbox,” we are guessing that this means the game will arrive on both formats.  

It's unknown what this franchise could be, but speculation points to Age of Empires or potentially, Halo Wars.

Edited On 09 Jan, 2015

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Craphex's avatar
Craphex 2 years ago
Hmm Halo Wars 2 is possible, but with Halo 5 coming out and patching of MCC it might not be. I don't think Age of empires has ever left pc so it might not be that either. So i'm guessing a new c&c game, as a few were released on the 360. Mayyybbbbeeee
Anonymous user's avatar
Elliot 2 years ago
Has to be Age of Empires. There have been console & hand-held console versions of AOE2
Joe2120's avatar
Joe2120 2 years ago
Command & Conquer is an EA property, so it won't be that.

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