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Competition: Win a Insert Coin Saint's Row Jacket *update* Winner Announced

Update: We have now chosen the winner of our caption competition, so congratulations to Lesley with her "See honey, I told you your eyes were bigger than your belly," comment.

Thanks to everyone who entered our competition. Be sure to look out for more competitions soon.

Original: How would you like to win an awesome Saint's Row Jacket from the talented designers at Insert Coin? Well you're in luck because we have one to give away.

With the upcoming release of Saint's Row IV Re-elected and Gat Out of Hell, we've teamed up with publisher Deep Silver to give you the chance to sport this fashionable gaming jacket, which will no doubt look great as you're sitting playing through the game without the heating on, or just wandering around town, owning the streets with your fashion sense.

Here's a look at the jacket.

So what do you need to do to win such an awesome prize? Well it's Saint's Row, so we want humour people!

In order to help you along the way, we've got a classic Saint's Row IV screen below, so we just need you to provide a caption in the comments field that befits such a humorous screenshot. Just what is going on in this screen?

We'll choose the best caption on Friday, at which point we'll announce the winner and get the jacket sent to you.

So there we have it.

To enter this excellent competition, all you have to do is enter your caption below and then drop us an email to competition@shopto.net with the subject 'Saint's Row Competition,' along with your name, account number and the username with which you left your caption. This will make it easy for us to get the prize sent to the winner quickly.

There's only one prize, so good luck everyone, oh and don't forget to pre-order the game below.

Edited On 16 Jan, 2015

( 45 )
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 2 years ago
I know you've made alot of money tonight but come on love lets not get big headed.
Anonymous user's avatar
Steven 2 years ago
"thanks for that it cured my ingestion no end
 TruDarkAssassin's avatar
TruDarkAssassin 2 years ago
These cloths and belt are way to tight all the blood rushed straight to my head !
Anonymous user's avatar
Tony 2 years ago
The giant shrinking gun was a success!...well except for the eyeballs
eXeDoSUK's avatar
eXeDoSUK 2 years ago
Katie Hopkins went to great lengths to lose that weight....
Pazzie's avatar
Pazzie 2 years ago
"Oh my, that feels so good"
Bindiana's avatar
Bindiana 2 years ago
My dad said I wasted my life by going to Roger Rabbits school of acting but I sure showed him.
J-D's avatar
J-D 2 years ago
My reaction to Destiny being on the shopto game of the year list but Bayonetta 2 not being there.
Anonymous user's avatar
Lesley 2 years ago
"See honey, I told you your eyes were bigger than your belly"
Dead's avatar
Dead 2 years ago
This is not what I meant when I said my eyes are up here.
Anonymous user's avatar
Andrey 2 years ago
If it works on lower male parts as on female heads - will be an instant hit.
Anonymous user's avatar
MATTHEW 2 years ago
The Mountain Dew cannon had some serious side affects.
Averryy's avatar
Averryy 2 years ago
We are gunna have to send this one to theme hospital, she's gotta case of bloaty head.
ttrance's avatar
ttrance 2 years ago
Gees I only said is that a gun in ya pocket or u pleased to see me ????
"It soon became apparent that Gat's penis enlargement Ray was NOT a toy"
cookie jay 's avatar
cookie jay 2 years ago
F**K ME !!! "That's a mighty big weapon".....
Anonymous user's avatar
Bernard 2 years ago
Gat darling does this dress makes me look fat? *Zzzzaaaappp* Nope it doesn't.
Anonymous user's avatar
JOSEPH 2 years ago
This "DK Mode" Gun is working perfectly thanks to the good folks at RareCorps Weaponry.
no1phil's avatar
no1phil 2 years ago
Bring it Gat my eyes are much bigger than your B***S
hanzoadam's avatar
hanzoadam 2 years ago
That gun is eye popping
AlphaJesus's avatar
AlphaJesus 2 years ago
That is not what I meant when I said to blow her up!
AlphaJesus's avatar
AlphaJesus 2 years ago
Unfortunately, he misunderstood what 'blow-up doll' means.
Anonymous user's avatar
CHRIS 2 years ago
"Incoming message from the big giant head"
Omnislash_Vince87's avatar
Omnislash_Vince87 2 years ago
"I think you've had enough fun for one night, my turn now...you might wanna loosen those trousers though cos this might hurt..."
shiny miller's avatar
shiny miller 2 years ago
Cut-price laser eye surgery from a strangely dressed man in a dark alley... what could go wrong?
Anonymous user's avatar
Callum 2 years ago
On the bright side, at least you've now got more of a head to give.
Anonymous user's avatar
ADEEL 2 years ago
"my name Jeff!"
fezza2009's avatar
fezza2009 2 years ago
"Katie Price's latest plastic surgery goes horribly wrong"
Anonymous user's avatar
Dale 2 years ago
Oh damn, I don't think I've got a paper bag big enough for your head now!
Anonymous user's avatar
Joel 2 years ago
" I feel like the weight-loss ray missed some vital body parts... "
Anonymous user's avatar
Robert 2 years ago
I know, I know that I'm eye popping gorgeous thanks to my amazing love gun of course.
Anonymous user's avatar
Jenni 2 years ago
Oh my what big eyes you have.. All the better to see that big weapon of yours ;)
Anonymous user's avatar
Tomy 2 years ago
Hun! I said "Shoot my CHEST!" NOT my FACE!!!!!
Yummylee's avatar
Yummylee 2 years ago
The calorie intake from laser technology is insane! They go right to your eyes.
Anonymous user's avatar
Michael 2 years ago
I did say this gun was made from your mothers' ashes, and we all know how big a head she had.
Gazanator101's avatar
Gazanator101 2 years ago
"Don't let it get to your head."
ClericTWENTY's avatar
ClericTWENTY 2 years ago
"Oh im sorry did i break your concentration?"
Anonymous user's avatar
Emma 2 years ago
It was just Dave's luck to slip and use his new Enlarger Device on his crush's face instead of her chest...
jay.hamilton's avatar
jay.hamilton 2 years ago
holy crap its Brad Pitt with a stun gun, Booiiiiiiinnggggg
Anonymous user's avatar
omri 2 years ago
Oopps... I Missed your breasts.
Anonymous user's avatar
Colin 2 years ago
Next up on Smash Bros WiiU: JC Denton vs Dot Cotton* *inflato-Ray may not assist inflation of Metacritic scores
Anonymous user's avatar
James 2 years ago
Doctor required in inflation room...
vx THE VIPER xv's avatar
vx THE VIPER xv 2 years ago
My minds telling me no, but my body, my bodys telling me yes!!!
Anonymous user's avatar
BENJAMIN 2 years ago
It's certainly safe to say that this lady's eyes are now too big for her stomach!
Anonymous user's avatar
omri 2 years ago
Ok, Just a little bigger and it might fit in ...

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