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Funk of the Titans Review

Funk of Titans, no it is not a typo or a tale of the putrid pong of these legendary behemoths, no, what we have is Perseus, the son of Zeus as a funk loving arse kicker on a quest to enrich the ancient lands of Olympus in the ways of funk by beating people up and having dance offs; taking on the Titans of pop, rap and rock and showing them how to get down.

Funk of Titans is a game that really should be more welcome on a mobile phone or tablet rather than the cutting edge home entertainment system that is Xbox One, but with the usual empty January release schedule and a lack of indie titles A Crowd of Monsters have stepped up with a fun little game to entertain you for a few hours.

Funk of Titans is a forced runner platform game, with Perseus constantly running forward, your only input is to jump hazards and hit enemies that get in your way. It is all quite simple, with the games worlds taking little over three hours to run through but there are also a few decent challenges in there, especially later when the game introduces moving platforms and switches but for the majority all that is required of you is to tap the jump button at the right moment, occasionally using a weapon to clear the path with the player completing most levels on the first try.

Though this platform malarkey is the main pull of the game there are a couple of levels that throw in a button bashing mini-game, first taking on Grunts in the Olympus Arena, tapping buttons as they appear on the screen, with Perseus and the Grunt scrapping it out in the background, Perseus rather brutally disembowelling the Grunt when he wins. The first time around its ok and a welcome break to the platform action but then each world has exactly the same midpoint with exactly the same animations. This button bashing gameplay mechanic is also used during the boss fights but rather than a brutal wrestle to the death it is a dance-off that requires the same little skill other than tapping the correct buttons quickly.

Though the game is over before you know it, Funk of Titans does try to add a little extra replay value with the Zeus missions, which when completed allow you to purchase new weapons and helmets with collected golden vinyl records that are littered throughout the worlds. These missions are along the lines of killing a set number of goons or completing a level without getting hit but at least they make you play the game slightly differently; though the rewards are minute with the helmets doing nothing but looking amusing and only a couple of weapons having extra uses like unlocking secret passages to get to the Pegasus bonus game where Perseus mounts his trusty jet powered wooden steed and zips through the air, dodging enemies and navigating around hazards all the while collecting even more golden vinyl.

Sadly, even with the quick pick and and play style gameplay pretty much nailed and enjoyable albeit short, the music is anything but funky. For a hero out to stop the Titans spewing their own musical stylings and Perseus pushing funk so violently you would have expected a better soundtrack; but rather than some funky bass and soul we get what sounds like a an uninspired midi keyboard effort played over and over again, very disappointing.

Funk of Titans is a short but crucially at times fun game that could have been a lot better, especially with it being released on the Xbox One.

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: Xbox One)


+ Humorous attire to unlock.
+ It is fun whilst it lasts.


- More suited to a mobile phone.
- Over very quickly

Edited On 14 Jan, 2015

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