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State of Decay dated for Xbox One; get your free ShopTo exclusive DLC *update*

Update: State of Decay is coming to Xbox One on April 28 and you can grab a ShopTo exclusive DLC widget - an in-game knife, known as "the Australian," by visiting our microsite.

You must be logged into your Shopto account to claim your code and these are restricted to one code per customer. This exclusive widget will be given out on a first come first served basis and only whilst codes last.

Don't forget, if you want to buy from the Xbox Live Marketplace then you will need to use credit to make the purchases. Shopto offers two ways to buy your marketplace credit. You can either buy the physical cards or you can use our instant service where we send the digital code to your Shopto account and you will have the code within minutes.

We have a range of values from £10 up to £50 and you can even buy the GOLD membership from us too. State of Decay will cost £19.99 so why not buy £25 credit and then you will have some spare to take advantage of the excellent range of games, movies and add-ons.

Original: State of Decay is coming to Xbox One in the shape of the Year-One Survival Edition this May.

This version is also coming to PC and there’s an upgrade plan for Xbox 360 State of Decay owners which offers a 33% discount on State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition. To qualify for the discount, players must have purchased the base game and have the same active Xbox Live account.

Here's what's new.

Xbox One additions

- New Achievements
- 1500 Gamer Score
- Community Challenges and Rewards
- Individual Rewards
- Game DVR

New mission type: Mysterious supply crates start dropping into remote areas across the map, attracting massive hordes of zombies. Wipe out the infestation and you can grab some of the rarest and most powerful equipment seen in “State of Decay.”

New vehicles: SUV…and more: The new SUV sets a new standard for durability, and it doesn’t end there — over 25 new vehicle skins are distributed across all maps.

Unlocking heroes: lifeline roster: Your favorite characters from “Lifeline” can now be unlocked in “Breakdown” with a new set of Challenges. Hop into the familiar boots of Hawkes, Kilo, and Vince … or take control of the previously unplayable Kelly “Sasquatch” Eldridge.

New weapons: under-barrel attachments and incendiary ammo: Now if you find the right weapons, you can switch to an under-barrel grenade launcher or your assault rifle… or load incendiary ammunition into any shotgun, and take out crowds of zombies without even switching weapons.

New music: Featuring 30 minutes of intense new music from award winning composer Jesper Kyd.

Community improvements: The facility actions from “Lifeline” now show up in every version of the game, including ammo-refilling and snack-making at your base. NPC Enclaves are also getting a makeover, making it easier to trade and build trust with them.

The game will cost £19.99 when it's released on April 28.

Edited On 22 Apr, 2015

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superniceguy's avatar
superniceguy 2 years ago
Thanks for the "Australian" :) But no thanks to the MS credit, it may be instant but what's the point when there is no discount, and not even benefit from your loyalty scheme? May as well buy straight from the Xbox Live marketplace, and not bother redeeming a code. If the physical cards were pound for pound, then it would be worth buying to get as a gift for someone, but not buying instant codes for a gift. Have you actually sold any since you maxed the prices?
inspector 74's avatar
inspector 74 2 years ago
Woah there!!!! You guys have whacked your prices rite up haven't you, and 19.99 for Amiibos now unbelievable : (
Anonymous user's avatar
MICHAEL 2 years ago
Will this be download only? I want a hard copy.

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