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Dying Light already played by 1.2 million gamers

Techland has announced that over 1 million people have already played Dying Light,

The developer states that "1,200,000 unique players" played the game on PS4, Xbox One and PC last week.

What's more impressive is that the physical version of the game was delayed in Europe, so it seems like this is a mixture of both worldwide digital sales and physical sales from the U.S. 

Not a bad start at all though.

You can read what we think of Dying Light here.

Edited On 03 Feb, 2015

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selfdestruct's avatar
selfdestruct 2 years ago
More enjoying than impressive since I'm still waiting on physical copy! Wonder how many people cancelled their pre-order?
Ian1969's avatar
Ian1969 2 years ago
Have just came on here to cancel preorder I'm protesting about the way they are forcing us to go digital,maybe a great game but for me we have been ripped off

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