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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Review

Majora's Mask is no ordinary Zelda game, it's dark, gritty and rather unusual. it's no less fun though and thanks to Nintendo's new upgrade it's even better than ever, especially if you are planning to play it on a new 3DS or XL.

Spending time with Majora's Mask is an interesting experience. As you may remember, time is important in this game, giving you 72 hours to get your affairs in order before using the Song of Time to travel back to where that part of the adventure begun. You see an scary looking moon draws dangerously near to the earth, drawing an apocalyptic end each time it grows closer. To stop the moon you have to gain the help of four deities, although this isn't possible with a time limit over your head, hence the need for the trusty Song of Time.

There's something quite satisfying about managing to beat the time and save the day in Majora's Mask, especially it you manage it after having danced half of one of the days away with a scarecrow. When time ticks down things get very tense, but that makes it all the more exciting when you succeed. 

Each character you'll meet in this world is pretty weird, be it ghosts, parts of bodies or just odd little characters that looks like something out of MAD magazine. You'll spend a lot of time unwrapping their stories and chasing other goals, completing side quests and more, all while going up against the 72 hour time limit. At least you'll gain new information and items each time of course, which helps you progress in the story at a faster rate.

Majora's Mask rewards players powers and upgrades via 24 masks which are scattered across Termina. These allow you to fly, roll, swim and more, with each adding a lot of depth and a bucketload of new ways to puzzles throughout your adventure.

There is certainly a lot of adventure packed into Majora's Mask, including the four dungeons in which the deities are housed. These dungeons are full of puzzles and therefore the opportunity to use your mask's abilities. Some dungeons are better than others, while some do drag on a little, however there's certainly plenty of fun to be had within each of them. What's great about dungeons of course is that there are bosses at the end of each one, allowing you once again to try out your masks and prevail against all odds. The boss battles certainly prove to be some of the most memorable you'll ever encounter, unless you have played Majora's mask in the past of course.

It's not all dungeons of course, since Majora's Mask also packs in some side-quests too. There are all sorts of bizarre things going here, be it alien abductions, muggings or monkey's in peril. You'll find plenty to discover when taking part in these quests and a great deal of satisfaction when you complete them within the time limit.

Thankfully side-quests are much easier to keep track of thanks to Bomber's Notebook, a quest log that updates with each side-quest's progress. This logs most of the information you require to complete a task and also keeps track of how much you have completed. Sometimes it forgets to log some things, but in general it's a useful ting to have around.

What I will say about Majora's Mask is that it is much better on the New 3DS & XL. On these systems the colours prove to be more vivid and the 3D is a major improvement. Not only that but the second nib on the new systems makes it a whole lot easier to control the camera, which in turn makes the game a lot more user friendly. If you are going to play Majora's Mask 3D on any of Nintendo's handhelds then the New 3DS XL is probably the one to go for.

Overall Majora's Mask is an fun and sprawling adventure which should keep even the biggest Zelda fans happy. There's plenty to explore and a lot to keep you busy. Sure it's a little out there a lot of the time, but it's a great game and one you won't regret spending time with.

Words by Joe Anderson
Twitter: @_wotta | PSN/XBLA: wotta

(Version Tested: 3DS)

+ Lots to do
+ Looks great
+ Very challenging


- Camera can be awkward if not playing on New 3DS/XL
- Some dungeons are better than others

Edited On 07 Feb, 2015

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