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Battlefield Hardline beta was played 6 million times

EA has revealed that 6 million players took part in the Battlefield Hardline beta.

"We're thrilled that now more than 6 million of you have gotten your hands on the game," Steve Papoutsis wrote in a statement.

"We appreciate the response and feedback we have gotten from you in the forums, on social media and while playing with you online.

"Now, I know what you’re asking yourself. We’re just five weeks away from the launch of Battlefield Hardline, how could we possibly be acting on that feedback? Well, I can assure you we are. In fact, we’ve already been prioritising changes for things fans are talking about. So you’ve still got a chance to be heard."

Did you enjoy the beta?  If so you can pre-order Battlefield Hardline below.

Edited On 09 Feb, 2015

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