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Resident Evil Revelations 2 trailer is all about the drama

It's all about the drama, well it is in the new Resident Evil Revelations 2 trailer which you can watch below.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is out this March and you can pre-order below.

Edited On 19 Feb, 2015

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Dead's avatar
Dead 2 years ago
Really looking forward to this after playing RE HD recently, strange the season pass isn't on sale on the Xbox marketplace yet though when it is on PSN and Steam.
Zombieflamingo's avatar
Zombieflamingo 2 years ago
Looking forward to this, hope it will be just as good as the first one.
Danny_936's avatar
Danny_936 2 years ago
Isn't this the one were its split up into weekly episodes, If I remember rightly? If so it would make more sense to get it on disc, Complete it and then eBay it, Which is more then likely what I will do.

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