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Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Review

As inevitable as Christmas and Easter, it was not long before Dragon Ball games started to appear on the newer generation of consoles, but for such a long running series surely by now the team at Bandai Namco are out of ideas?

Well yes and no, as what we have here is more of the same action that has graced consoles for years; but jammed with so much content any fan, returning or new will enjoy every moment of Dragon Ball: Xenoverse.

In Dragon Ball: Xenoverse you play as a newly recruited Time Patrol Officer, brought to the far reaches of time and space where at Toki Toki City a new crisis on the horizon; someone is altering certain events of the past and messing up the time line of Goku and his pals. What that means is that as a member of the Time Patrol you get to take part in key battles that took place during the many episodes of Dragon Ball and try to make them right again. 

As a new recruit you begin by creating your character from well known Dragon Ball races and customizing them to your tastes and though starting off relatively weak, all of the supporting cast are confident in your potential. With Trunks guiding you through the first few missions you soon learn the ropes with successful battles earning you Zenni, useful items to use in battle and also levelling up, which not only makes your avatar a better fighter but also gains the attention of Dragon Ball Masters who will take you under their wing and teach you some of the more brutal special moves.

The action itself is relatively unchanged from previous games so you can expect some intense action as you fight on ground and in the air alongside other famous characters. The moves in this 3D fighting game are relatively straight forward with a punch and kick that can create simple combos and the special Ki and Ultra moves achieved with a combination of trigger and face buttons, it is very easy to use but also satisfying and with the ability to customise your buttons when you unlock more special moves, Dragon Ball: Xenoverse is a joy to play no matter what level of player you are.

With Toki Toki City acting as the game's main hub there is a load to do, aside from Trunks taking you through the main story there is also a healthy selection of online and offline tournaments, battle modes and Parallel Quests (PQ’s) plus a few shops to customize your avatar even further with all of the Zenni earned. PQ’s are further extensions of the damage caused by the time manipulation, with ripples effecting even more than the jobs Trunks has you carry out. Again it means more fighting but during the battles you are able to collect items by scanning the environment and even create online and offline co-op teams, allowing three of you to take on some of the more challenging missions. Creating teams is very simple with Toki Toki City having hubs to register at. The offline teams are also easy to set up, this time by walking up to the many other avatars that populate the city and hiring them for their services. 

With a battle system that has been refined over the years, Dragon Ball: Xenoverse did not really need any real updating, leaving the visuals as the most obvious changes from previous iterations that really stand out. Each of the characters look fantastic with a blend of 3D animations and cel-shading and for the first time I can recall, the environments you battle around look great and have more impact on the game with even some underwater battles. Considering the high pace of the battles the camera does a pretty decent job in keeping track of the action, mostly down to the easy to use lock-on function, though on some of the more tighter arenas can create some frustrating moments.

All in all Dragon Ball: Xenoverse is everything a Dragon Ball game should be; loads of fighting alongside memorable characters and the additional character creation, story and solid online modes just add to an already accomplished fighter. 

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: PS4)


+ Huge graphical update.
+ Same easily accessible battle system.
+ Create your own avatar fighter.


- Long term fans may feel it is more of the same.

Edited On 24 Feb, 2015

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