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Futurlab teams with Sierra to bring Velocity 2X to PC, Mac and Xbox One

Sierra is reborn and what better way to celebrate than by teaming up with Brighton's Futurlab in order to bring Velocity 2X to PC/Mac/Linux and Xbox One.

The port will be developed by Futurlab and published by Sierra, which is great news as everyone really should have the chance to experience the excellence that is Velocity 2X.

"Self publishing is hard," says Futurlab's James Marsden on the developer's blog, "I spent more time doing PR and marketing on Velocity 2X than I spent designing levels. I became a bottleneck for the whole project. That was far from ideal.

"Thanks to blogging it’s now common knowledge that marketing is just as important as making a great-innovative-artistically-stunning-multiple-award-winning-GOTY (some people might say more important).

"So, given that marketing is vital to success, who could be better suited to hold aloft our creations than Sierra? The best bit is that we retain control of our IP…

Marsden also teases that its "relationship doesn’t end with Velocity 2X," perhaps hinting at a possible new game in the near future."

It seems PlayStation fans won't be left out either. After all Velocity 2X is already on Vita and PS4 and Marsden says, "Don’t you worry, FuturLab still loves PlayStation and its loyal players, and we’ll continue to work closely with Sony to make sure the fan base we’ve worked hard to build is well served."

So there we have it. Are you excited for Velocity 2X on different platforms?

Edited On 25 Feb, 2015

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