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Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episode 1 Review

With the recent release of Resident Evil HD it is not clear what Capcom were thinking when bringing this newest title to the download stores. Making matters more confusing is that even though Revelations is a return to form for the series this is a weekly episodic release for a game that originally came out on the 3DS, though will not grace the Nintendo console this time.

What is not confusing though is the final product, feeling like a “best bits" of the Resident Evil series to date. This first chapter of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 compromises of two parts, starting off with Claire Redfield being held captive in a dilapidated prison in where she and a few others are apparently playthings in a twisted maze for an unseen villain. Joining Claire is Moira, a potty mouthed young lady who also happens to be Barry Burtons (Resident Evil) daughter. Both Claire and Moira must work together to try and make sense of where they are and why they have been captured and also what is going on with the strange bracelets they are now wearing, all the while negotiating traps and of course, loads of monsters. Be it solo or local co-op, both Claire and Moira have vital parts to play, Claire being the veteran zombie slayer who has no qualms about shooting the undead whereas Moira has a zero gun policy, not the best place to stick to your morals but she has her uses, shining her torch to stagger enemies and using a crowbar to gain entrance to otherwise impassable doors.

The second part has classic S.T.A.R.S member Barry Burton return, who is more prepared and armed to the teeth with machine guns and his signature Magnum; where soon arriving on the island in search of his daughter comes across Natalia, a young girl who likes nothing more than caving zombie heads in with bricks. Together this team are on the hunt for clues to Moira's whereabouts, which, thanks to Natalia's mysterious powers makes this part a more sneaky stealth based affair as playing as Natalia allows you to see the presence of monsters even through walls, with Barry then able to stalk and stealth kill or charge in, guns blazing.

With the game offering the classic over the shoulder view the action is fluid, with a decent assortment of weapons to use but that is not the overall point of Resident Evil games, with ammo quite scarce and often relying solving puzzles or running and avoidance and here the game falters a little with some enemies moving far too quickly for their own good and the occasional CPU controlled character getting stuck (not a problem in co-op).

With the first chapter coming in at around two hours on the first play through I was quite satisfied considering the price point of under £5. This is however just scratching the surface of the game with multiple difficulties to play and skills to unlock plus a rather addictive, if unfinished Raid mode.

The Raid mode is currently only playable offline, a little disappointing as its potential is quite apparent when playing on your own with you being able to select an avatar from a set of familiar Resident Evil faces (more available via DLC), each offering unique skills to unlock and upgrade. There appears to be a huge amount of missions available to play through, though at present most are locked out, ready for the next instalment but from what I have played the missions are well paced and exciting, the lure of better loot, be it weapons or upgrades too hard to resist. The missions themselves are a mixture of kill everything that moves, protection or reaching a goal within a time limit, pretty standard stuff if not for the huge variety of monsters out to get you; from slow zombies to classic zombie dogs, huge lurking behemoths and Elites who are infused with elemental powers. Easily putting in a good few hours in the Raid itself, it was not boredom that got in the way but more of what was the point, as until online is switched on this is only a fraction of the game.

And this is where I struggle to give a fair roundup for this review as essentially it is only for part of a game, which for the asking price of under £5 managed to entertain me for well over what I was expecting but thanks to Raid being only offline for now and it being a weekly release, who knows how this game will turn out?

Words by Ash Buchanan.


+ Plenty of classic Resident Evil moments


- Only part of a game

Edited On 27 Feb, 2015

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Fear Sinséir1612's avatar
Fear Sinséir1612 2 years ago
Oh, that's a shame, you're only advertising the console versions underneath your article and I'm only interested in the PC version of the game these days :)! Just fired up Biohazard Revelations on PC and, I don't know about you, Joe & Ash, but to me, the game just plays and looks SO much better on PC than it does to console versions of the game, even compared to the WiiU version of it!! PC MASTER RACE!

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