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Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart Review

Having only recently released Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth 2 on the PSVita, following it up so quickly with another game based on the exploits of the Neptune, Vert, Noire and Blanc is a risky move but with a change of direction for gameplay and the same enjoyable characters Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart is another worthwhile another trip to Lastation.

As ever the four CPU's are battling for the attention of their worlds worshippers (the source of their powers). Noire, having the upper hand is approached by a mysterious lady who convinces Noire that there is a safer, less violent way to gain followers, something Noire wishes for greatly. This promised solution is however a trick resulting in all of the CPU's then being stripped of their powers and hurled to the world below, where Noire meets up with your character, her newly appointed secretary who gets to witness the aftermath of the villains trickery and help the CPU's regain control of the world by working with one another and though Noire is the main character here, fear not as you get plenty of chances to play with the other CPU's and a whole lot more.

With this game being yet another spinoff from the Hyperdimension series, Hyperdevotion Noire sets itself apart from the other games by being a digital novel with a smattering of dungeons sprinkled through to add a little action. As with other Hyperdimension games, thanks to an interesting cast and decent voice dubbing the majority of digital novel scenes are entertaining, though you do realise early on it is all mostly time killing waffle which at times can drag on a little too long. When not chatting the girls do get involved in some decent action with Hyperdevotion Noire going down a new route for this exclusive PSVita title with a tactical role playing game approach with the battles taking place on a gridded map.

From a top down view (the camera can be freely adjusted) you are responsible for your characters actions around the dungeons, each unit taking turns to move, attack or use item whilst battling the many enemies on the map. The pacing of Hyperdevotion Noire is very different to previous games and it is quite jarring with it being a lot slower and at times laborious, the game really taking some time to get any enjoyment from it as the first few missions really drag on. It is only with the introduction of more interesting dungeons that have tile boosts and a better array of special moves by utilizing Lily Boosts that this game started to feel like it belonged in the Hyperdimension universe.

The quality of the anime characters is as ever of a high quality though I am starting to feel they are reusing the same ones over and over again. To add a little visual variety to the game, during the action at the dungeons the characters take on a chibi persona, essentially squashing and cutsyfying them tenfold, a trend that is quite common for this sort of game and whilst they look good, it really does not suit the feel the games have set in the past.

Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart does not reinvent the genre but at the same time manages to cover the basics of tactical RPG's and is another enjoyable title for the PSVita. There are better versions out there like Disgaea but if you are looking for more adventures of the CPU's or need another tactical RPG fix this title will do you well.

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: PS Vita)


+ Exclusive PSVita game
+ Enjoyable tactical action.


- The digital novel moments can go on a little too long.
- A little simplistic for hardened Tactical RPG fans.

Edited On 02 Mar, 2015

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