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Valve details plans for 2015, including Steam Link, Source Engine 2 and Steam Machines

Valve has a big presence at the GDC (Games Developers Conference) this year and has took the opportunity to make a few announcements.

First up is Steam Link, a new piece of hardware that allows you to stream games from your current PC to a different monitor or your TV, anywhere in your home.

The small device uses HDMI and ethernet, although it also includes a few USB ports. According to Valve it'll stream at 1080p with 60Hz visuals, all with low latency. The cost for the U.S is $49.99 and it'll launch this November. Prices for other regions have yet to be revealed.

In addition, Alienware and Falcon Northwest have been showing off new Steam Machine hardware at the conference, although over a dozen other manufacturers are also working on their own version of the device, most of which are due to launch in November.

Apparently the new gaming rigs will start at the same price as consoles for a basic model, with the price rising for machines with better specs.

Finally, Valve announced the next version of their Source engine. Apparently user-generated content is at the forefront of Valve’s vision and therefore will be free to use for  “content developers.” We’re not entirely certain if that just means established developers.

So there we have it. With the release of HTC and Valve's VR device also on the horizon, it sounds like 2015 will be a big year for Valve.

Edited On 04 Mar, 2015

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