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The Phantom Pain release date confirmed, Day One Edition and more detailed

Konami today confirmed that The Phantom Pain, will be released worldwide starting September 1st, 2015, as leaked yesterday via an IGN video.

"The Phantom Pain is the series’ largest and most ambitious edition to date," says the PR.

"Set within huge open-world environments, The Phantom Pain is brought to vivid life with realistic weather patterns and day/night cycles. Thus, players can adapt their tactics to match the changing environment, creating an intuitive and non-linear gameplay experience.

"Similarly, a host of acclaimed troops return in hugely advanced forms, including expanded CQC (Close-Quarter Combat) skills, vastly improved enemy AI, online elements that complement the single player campaign, and an all-new version of Metal Gear Online, a competitive multiplayer mode, included within the main game.

"Tactical elements are also added to the game via the new Mother Base system. Players begin with a small-scale off-shore rig, which can be customized and expanded using liberated items and personnel. Players use an enhanced version of the innovative Fulton system to airlift guards, vehicles, weapons, raw materials and kit to their base, where the staff will use these resources to develop the base to the user’s specifications.

"An accompanying iDROID app will allow players to manage their Mother Base and its development, using staff to develop new weapons, carry out missions and implement defense systems. The latter becomes vital as the Mother Base is focal to the multiplayer online elements of the game’s campaign, where players can raid each others’ Mother Bases to wreak havoc and steal essential items.

"Additionally, Metal Gear Online - the game’s dedicated competitive multiplayer mode - will go live at launch. The online element features a “class system” that more uniquely defines the strengths and abilities of player characters on the battlefield. Key characters from the series including Venom Snake and Ocelot will also make appearances in the anticipated multiplayer feature."

The Phantom Pain releases on September 1 with a special Day One Edition as detailed below.

Day 1 Edition’ Content:

· MAP (Physical Version Only)

DLC items

· Adam-ska Special Handgun
· Personal Ballistic Shield (Silver)
· Cardboard Box (Wetland)
· Fatigues (Blue Urban Snake Costume)

We imagine the console below is for Japan only though. Still you could always import it if you like.

Edited On 04 Mar, 2015

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Sovereign212-V.I.P's avatar
Sovereign212-V.I.P 2 years ago
SHOPTO please sell the collectors edition of MGS 5 the phantom pain, that's the one im going to buy and would rather spend my money here at shopto
Loli-Nox-Tan's avatar
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
There's not much they can do when Game buy exclusivity
Zombieflamingo's avatar
Zombieflamingo 2 years ago
I quite like that PS4 actually. I am thinking I might have a nice little holiday in September for this and finishing my Uni stuff about the same time. Although I am holing back buying collectors edition stuff, I spend too much on them.
Anonymous user's avatar
Oyinlomo 2 years ago
Is shopto selling the collectors edition?

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