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Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episode Two Review

With it already being week two of the Resident Evil: Revelations 2 release schedule, this episode for many will be the make or break moment; will this game keep up on the already impressive first part and be worthy of committing to the remaining releases?

Without giving too much away, as some of you may be waiting on the full retail release, Resident Evil: Revelations 2 has two separate story lines running, the first involves Claire Redfield and Moira who had previously been been kidnapped, waking up on a strange island full of undead monsters and acting as lab rats for some unseen scientist called the Overseer. The second part has you playing as Barry who, whilst searching for his daughter Moira on the island teams up with Natalia, a strange little girl with mysterious powers that enable her to sense the infected long before they are in plain sight. At the end of last weeks episode this odd couple manage to retrace the steps of Claire and Moira moments before the shocking reveal. 

Episode two has yet again been split into two parts, starting with Claire and Moira not only finding more survivors but also learning the truth behind those strange bracelets they found themselves wearing, the Overseer explaining that each of them have been injected with a virus that is triggered by fear. The bracelets, starting at green will eventually turn red when the wearers fear level is at a sufficent level, at which point they mutate into ghastly monsters, an event that you all too soon witness first hand. With Barry and Natalias story they are still piecing together what happened six months ago as they retrace his daughters (Moira) footsteps.

With most of the action similar to the first part, this over the shoulder shooter again focuses on survival and skills rather than shooting everything that moves. With some additional supporting cast members the body-count increases as does the variety of monsters, with the introduction of a rather nasty invisible "fly" monster that plays havoc with your characters minds and really pushes the cooperative gameplay moments. 

In total both parts of episode two take a good couple of hours to complete which then opens up other game modes and an assortment of unlocks and extras.

As mentioned on my previous review, the Raid mode is where I spent quite a bit of time and has been an enjoyable experience long after the story was finished. This second part unlocks lots of new areas to fight through but sadly the online aspect has still not been activated, but from playing over the past few days I cant wait to see what lies behind the blue door.

For those that are sitting on the fence over purchasing Resident Evil: Revelations 2 this second instalment should push most fears aside as it builds on the solid first release and manages to ramp the tension up even more. The only gripe is that Capcom really need to turn on the Raid mode servers.

Words by Ash Buchanan.


+ Builds on the strong first part
+ Plenty of classic Resident Evil moments


- Raid is still offline

Edited On 05 Mar, 2015

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