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PlayStation Mobile to close

PlayStation Mobile, which offers games for both PS Vita and Android devices was a nice idea, however that dream is now at an end as Sony has announced it will stop publishing PS Mobile content July 15th. 

On September 10th the entire site will be no more and previously purchased games will no longer be available for download, so download them while you can. The shutdown only applies to PS Vita content, as Sony stopped publishing Android games for PlayStation Mobile last year.

PS Vita isn't doomed however, thanks to Sony's effort to encourage indie developers to publish games on the system.

Do you have PS Vita? Will PS Mobile closing affect you?

Edited On 11 Mar, 2015

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Kwan 2 years ago
Won't affect me at all, now and again I would have a look at the mobile offerings but nothing ever interested me. Long live the vita !

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