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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode Three Review

Capcom's foray into episodic content is now well under way with this, the penultimate part of what has so far been a very enjoyable Resident Evil game.

With many of the mysteries surrounding the strange island now being explained, this episode takes a little more time with itself, the story not moving too much but now allowing for some classic Resident Evil style fun involving lots of gruesome monsters and some head scratching puzzles.

Again being split into two parts we have Barry and Natalia in the present who are retracing the steps of Claire and Moira, previously kidnapped and taken to the island some six months earlier. Carrying on from the surprise reveal at the end of Episode Two last week, Barry and Natalia are still on the hunt for The Overseer, the person who Barry believes is responsible for the death of his daughter Moira, though for players of this episode, that little gem of a story is still being held back as in the other half of the game she is still alive and shining her torch into zombies eyes as she and Claire try to find any more survivors and get off the island. 

Along with the now solid over the shoulder action this episode is a lot more puzzle based than the previous releases, each one utilising all of the characters skills to solve in sometimes slightly unorthodox ways. Testament to the game as a whole so far I have been recently replaying the previous episodes, as solo and also on co-op, with two players changing the gameplay mechanics and really adding more layers to an already enjoyable game.

Coming in at approximately three hours play time for the main story there is still plenty of unlock-able content and replay value, be it hunting down emblems, earning BP for new skills and of course the Raid mode, still only playable in solo or local co-op but offering even more challenging scenarios to battle through.

With a week to go before the final episode is released there is enough going on here to warrant purchasing this third part, the shift in focus to more puzzles keeping the episodes fresh as the story unfolds that little bit more, all the pieces coming together for what is shaping up to be an explosive finish.


+ A few good puzzles to solve
+ Satisfying monster killing action


- Claire's final battle can get annoying
- Still no online servers

Edited On 12 Mar, 2015

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