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Watch us play the Battlefield Hardline Prologue and Episode 1

Update: We have now uploaded our stream of Episode 1 below now too.

Original: We played the Battlefield Hardline prologue live on twitch tv earlier today and although we have a lot more to show you, for now you'll need to make do with what's below.

On the plus side we are hoping to stream a lot more for you later on today, so keep an eye on twitch.tv/shopto and make sure you follow us.

You can order Battlefield Hardline below.

Look out for our review soon.

Edited On 17 Mar, 2015

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Danny_936's avatar
Danny_936 2 years ago
I just presumed this was a Multiplayer only game and didn't even realize it had a campaign to begin with.
superniceguy's avatar
superniceguy 2 years ago
Yeah, I thought it was MP only too, plus dismissed it as another typical Battlfield war game, when it is a cops and robbers type game. I like cop shows on TV, and Kelly Hu has appeared in a few including Martial Law and Nash Bridges, so I am having second thoughts into getting this now, play the single player mode and maybe sell it, and get Mario Party 10 later, as this probably would get more play time now, as I would be playing MP10 on my own for the time being, and then when friends and family come next, get MP10 then. Too many games being released this month, and the competition to win free games too has added greater confusion, ended up preordering games I did not want immediately, and not preordering games I would rather play now, plus Motorcycle Club keeps getting delayed, and it is currently scheduled for released next week, but then that may change again, which I do not understand as the game has been available for ages as digital download but at extortionate prices - maybe they are trying to get people to give in and pay the higher price, but I can wait, but it is getting annoying.

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