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Pixels trailer shows movie doesn't look all that bad

Sony has released a new trailer for the latest Adam Sandler movie Pixels, in which video games invade earth in order to destroy us all.

Now I know this isn't technically gaming news, however it is a video game related movie and it seems pretty funny. So why not?

Pixels is out this summer and looks pretty high budget for a Sandler movie.

Edited On 18 Mar, 2015

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
This looks pretty good, I like Sandler films - a lot of people hate him but I find his stupid voices and slap-stick funny. Nice to see its got a lot of his friends in it too like Kevin James and a few other people who appear in all his movies. Hopefully Rob Schneider will appear telling them they 'can do it!' haha - not done that in a long time! Hopefully it will be 3D too - CGI films usually turn out pretty well in 3d

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