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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode Four Review

The month long season of Resident Evil Revelations 2 is finally coming to a close, a game that initially felt out of place thanks to the episodic release schedule but now that it is over the choice made perfect sense with it creating little weekly packets of action and adventure and slowly building the tension to this final moment where we get to see just what happened on the island six months ago and how Barry gets to wreak his revenge.

After last episodes action heavy finale we kick off once again with Claire (with hardly any ammo left) and Moira hot on the heels of The Overseer (if you jave been playing you will already know who this is). Where in the past episodes there was an even split between the two stories this time Claire's is over rather quickly, the game then focusing on Barry and Natalia's final showdown, the game throwing all sorts of puzzles, enemies and of course, a mansion complete with underground science lab in your way.

With the main campaign again lasting a few hours, even when the credits roll and you witness one of the endings there is still a fair amount on offer with this fourth episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2 including alternative play modes like time attacks and invisible enemies and even more challenges unlocked in the Raid Mode. This final part also comes with two extra missions and though explaining too much about them totally gives away the main games plot they do offer very original ideas when compared to previous Resident Evil games with one being based around stealth and avoiding insta-kill monsters and the other a survival mode in where your character needs to go on the hunt to collect rations which then lets you carry out other story based missions. These little additions are not essential to the story but they do add a lot more depth to it and the new and different approach to gameplay is always a good thing.

As of writing this review there sadly is still no sign of online connection for the Raid Mode, a shame as so far this has some great potential from my experiences of solo and local co-op, with Capcom leaving it to the retail release of the 31st March to finally open those mysterious blue door.

So overall, the whole Resident Evil Revelations 2 experience has been enjoyable, each chapter managing to be different enough from the last to keep the game fresh and the amount content per week on offer at that great price really sweetened the deal. 

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: PS4)


+ One of the better Resident Evil experiences
+ Loads of extras to unlock


- Still no online Raid Mode

Edited On 20 Mar, 2015

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Dead's avatar
Dead 2 years ago
Raid mode patch is due at the end of the month I think, it's been great though, a worthy successor to Revelations and the new 'best RE since 4'.

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