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Bloodborne day one patch adds Chalice Dungeons

Bloodborne has a day one patch and it's a pretty big and important one.

The 2.69GB day one patch allows for online play, fixes a number of bugs, improves performance and adds the all important Chalice Dungeons.

We are also told that the patch improves loading times, so if you see any stories out there about long loading times then try not to let that put you off.

The full game requires 41GB of space on your PS4 if you download, although why would you do that when you can pre-order from ShopTo?

Reviews are going live tomorrow apparently, although we don't have a copy yet so we'll bring you our impressions as soon as we can.

Edited On 23 Mar, 2015

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JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 2 years ago
Suprise, suprise.
Anonymous user's avatar
Luke 2 years ago
Can't wait. Seriously, this and Pillars of Eternity are making it a very busy few weeks for gaming.

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