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Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late Review

Having now played with quite a few characters on the arcade mode in Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late I am still none the wiser as to exactly what is going on, with those involved referring to events in the past that have no previous mention or explanation so the games website, instructions and the ever helpful wiki will have to suffice. 

Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late is set in a future where with the advancement of science and technology has made the world rather stale with no more mysteries to uncover; or so everyone thought as a bored schoolboy finds himself caught up in a strange battle during the Hollow Night, an evening rumoured to occur once a month where mysterious beings lurk in the shadows, looking to feast on the souls of whoever cross their path. Hyde is one such victim but rather than facing death he is reborn with new powers that can turn the tide in the battles against the shadows as he joins forces with an eclectic group of warriors. 

Even with a confusing story and an unfamiliar cast Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late really does actually warrant a purchase if you are even slightly into 2D fighters as French Bread have teamed up with Arc System Works (of BlazBlue and Guilty Gear fame) for this console fighter and they totally nailed it right where it counts, the fighting.

With a strong and varied cast, each character has quite a unique fighting style, mostly based around a sword wielding school kid of some description though it is not just swordplay as a few characters have more obscure modes of attack like a teenager who uses a spell book to summon a huge phantom wolf or Carmine whose weapon is his own blood. Each character has their own specials to learn and master alongside a standard set of moves and those that have played fighting games before will be familiar with the classic D-pad and three button weak/medium/heavy attack combinations that create a very in-depth selection of combos, Exe Actions, throws, recoveries and Super Attacks; all allowing those that put a bit of time into the games training mode to pull off some fantastic looking moves, allowing even the most basic of fighting gamers to master the games move sets with ease and making it extremely accessible.

Alongside the arcade mode there is also a decent selection of other ways to play that apply different requirements to the fights like score and time attacks and survival modes plus there is an online mode that has so far offered faultless connections and letting me enjoy some of the best online fighting action I have had for a while.

Confusing characters and story aside Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late is a solid and enjoyable fighter that is accessible to both newcomers and hardened gamers.

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: PS3)


+ Great selection of characters.
+ Very accessible and rewarding no matter what skill level


- Story is lacking

Edited On 25 Mar, 2015

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