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Thursday Chat: March 26

Are you still playing last week's titles or perhaps some that you had left over from last year? What are you up to today?

We are planning a special live-stream tomorrow, which will take the form of our podcast, we'll post it up if you miss it and we may even make it a regular once a week thing if it goes well.

So Let's Chat!

Edited On 26 Mar, 2015

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
was going to get Bloodbourne as first impressions I thought of Nigthmare Creatures from the PC/PS1. but after watching people on Twitch I feel I would get annoyed with dying all the time haha. so may give that a miss. Today/Tomorrow I have BL2, FF-0 and Toukiden Kiwami arriving from yourself :) - not to mention a few things i've got in the PSN sale for my Vita :(
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
^Nightmare creatures^
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
BTW joe, will you be getting anymore Lucina or Robin Amiibos in stock? its impossible to find any you can even pre-order! only collect the Zelda and Fire Emblem ones.
Kaysar's avatar
Kaysar 2 years ago
I'm having a gaming day this Saturday with some friends. So no doubt Evolve will get played and the multiplayer games I have. May also show off FF15 if I get chance
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 2 years ago
Little gaming for me, mostly just been playing a little fifa ultimate team here and there! Been spending alot of time with the girlfriend so it's just causing my backlog to grow and grow.
Joe2120's avatar
Joe2120 2 years ago
Not sure about the amiibo.
Bindiana's avatar
Bindiana 2 years ago
Still playing Destiny at the moment but hopefully get onto some of my backlog soon things like Valiant Hearts and The Order.
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
Twitch was fun last night - i don't like playing super cars in Drive Club because I just smash into everything! I need the brake lines which aren't in this game haha! I'm thinking of getting the season pass though cos you get quite a lot for once
 TruDarkAssassin's avatar
TruDarkAssassin 2 years ago
Been playing bloodborne and borderlands today loving both can see them lasting months lol :)
Anonymous user's avatar
Luke 2 years ago
My Nightmare Edition of Bloodborne arrived in the afternoon and is now sitting on my desk as I wait for my shift to finish (30min left!). So I will be playing that all evening now that I will be on holiday. Pillars of Eternity is also out on gog, so I'll be giving that a go once I've gotten a good chuck of Bloodborne done.

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